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Macbook Air Review – I was not impressed with what it had to offer

I was not impressed with the new Macbook Air


I was doing my annual holiday shopping at the mall and I came across the Apple Store. I have an older Macbook pro and was considering getting a new laptop. I thought I’d stop in to see what the new macbook features had to offer.

I was greeted at the door when I walked in by an Apple employee and continued to the laptop section. I was pretty impressed with all the new macbook pro models that they had. Aesthetically they were much more pleasing than my older edition. Once I got to play around on one, the features were also much better than my current edition. Some of them being a longer lasting battery, trackpad gestures, and a faster processor.

As I was looking at the Macbook pro’s I was approached by an Apple employee. She said that those were nice machines, but wanted me to look at the new Macbook Air. I had seen some commercials featuring the Macbook Air so I decided to take a look at them.




She boasted about the very thin and light structure of the computer. It was only 2.3 lbs. I lifted it, and was pretty impress with how light it was. It also didn’t really compromise anything in functionality. It all ran very smoothly.

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The Macbook Air is nice machine, but I just don’t see the purpose for it. It’s got significantly storage space with only 64 GB of flash memory, no disk drive, and a lesser processor. With just the regular macbook priced at exactly the same of $999 with better features it just doesn’t seem like a logical buy. If I was an older woman where the difference between 2 and 4 lbs was significant the thinner Macbook Air just doesn’t seem necessary. Yes it is a very nice machine, but I can do better for the same price by getting the Macbook.

I then thanked the woman who was helping me and left the store. I wasn’t too impressed with what that Macbook Air had to offer. If I decided to get a new computer this holiday says I will either considering the Macbook, or the Macbook Pro. I just don’t seem to have any feasible use for the Macbook Air.

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