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Mardi Gras of the Carolinas Review – This was a fun night, and definitely an experience.

I had a great time at Mardi Gras of the Carolinas.

Castle McCulloch, a historical castle located in Jamestown, North Carolina recently hosted an event that is being compared to the classis event MARDI GRA! This has been an interesting and exciting turn for this venue that is known for hosting weddings, receptions, and other smaller formal events.

This was the 2nd Mardi Gra event for Castle McCulloch and has been very successful with over 4000 people in attendance. The large crowd definitely got me excited about going this year.

This event had a variety of attractions such as a 2-story stripper pole with dancers, a man on fire going down a zip line, and spanking booths; yes that’s right. There are multiple locations where instead of kissing or dunking booths they are for spanking. Also is you enjoy people watching you would have a great time seeing all the different outfits and costumes people come in wearing.

I saw some as elaborate as a full metal costume that someone actually stepped into and walked around in, and as little as just body paint of suran wrap. There was a bunch of characters there. Definitely and interesting time.

I thought the event was really fun. The line going in was moving fast. I only had to wait maybe 10 minutes., but when I got inside I found it to be really crowed, The event had separate buildings and tents to dance and go to the bar, but each area wasn’t big enough. I was constantly bumping into people and the bars were overcrowded. I had to wait more than 30 minutes to just get a drink.

All in all I think this event was a little too popular for its own good this year. I didn’t have as much fun as I would of If I had a few more beers. The event was not ready to house this many people, and if they want to keep up with the same amount of people or projected growth for next year then they need to add more bars or beer tubs. I guess next year I may have to pre-game more just incase.

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