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Mark Gott speeding ticket lawyer review – this Charlotte NC attorney made my speeding ticket and points disappear!

Mark Gott speeding ticket lawyer review
I hired Mark Gott for my speeding ticket on the advice of a friend and he made my speeding ticket completely disappear!

I got pulled over by a NC state trooper for doing 85 in a 65 on I-485 in the North Charlotte NC area.  I was not doing 85 or even close to it.  I had the cruise control set at 68 and the speed limit is 65 or 70 (in either case I was perfectly legal).  I was actually being passed by both a black S500 Mercedes Benz and a black Lexus that were going really fast and blew right past me prior to me being pulled over.

I had my cruise control clearly set at 68, it might have been 69, but it was clearly below 70.  Yet the jackass NC state trooper didn’t care and was an asshole.  He got very mean to me in front of my wif and kids – what a scumbag!  He treated me like a criminal and I had done nothing wrong here.

What most likely happened here is that this NC state trooper is a complete moron and idiot and he placed himself in a position where he couldn’t see the cars below the on ramp and he pulled me over for the speeds the black Mercedes Benz and Lexus were doing when they blew past me.  I told this to the cop and he said that if I said anything more that he was going to make me step out of the vehicle – I stayed quite because he was an arrogant asshole.

The asshole NC state trooper then gave me a ticket for speeding and told me of the court date.  What a lying scumbag.  Later when I got home I reported this schmuck to his superiors (I don’t know if that will do anything, but I promissed them that if this wasn’t cleared up I was going to publish it all over the internet.  They told me they would call back and never did – it figures – the NC state troopers take care of one another even if one of them is a complete moron and asshole like the one that pulled me over that day.

Later on I told a friend of my predicament and he told me to call his attorney friend Mark Gott.  Mark Gott worked at a local Charlotte law firm Sellers & Hinshaw off McDowell Rd.  My friend told me he got a speeding ticket completely removed so he only had to pay the court costs and attoreny fees and he was left with no points on his license.

If attorney Mark Gott could make my speeding ticket go away and leave me no points (points on your drivers license here in NC are the real kicker because they can easily double your insurance premiums and they don’t go away for several years).  So I called up Mark Gott at (704) 377-5050.  The lady that answered took my message for him and Mark Gott called me back later that day.

I explained to Mark Gott exactly what happened and how the NC state trooper that pulled me over was a liar and a scmuck.  He told me to come visit him at his office on McDowell Street:

Mark D. Gott, Attorney
Ste 410
301 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 377-5050

So, I drove down to Charlotte and met with Mark Gott for like 10 to 15 minutes and he said he would take care of everything. His price was around $300 if I remember correctly. He said this price included any court costs and fees along with his charge. This sounded reasonable – especially since this would save me hundreds, if not thousands on my car insurance over the next few years.

Within a week or so Mark Gott called me and said the whole issue was put to rest and that there wasn’t going to be any points or anything at all. He literally made the whole issue go away – Mark Gott is awesome! Now, If only the NC state troopers could get rid of this scumbag state trooper that gives out wrongful tickets and is extremely rude in front of children – I still have yet to hear back from the NC state troopers on my report of this scumbag trooper.

At least I found a great attorney that seemingly has magical powers to make speeding tickets and the associated drivers license points go away – Mark Gott! If you get a speeding ticket in Charlotte, NC then you need to give Mark Gott a call! He made my speeding ticket disappear completely like it never even happened!

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