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Mark’s Auto Sales Endicott NY review – this sleazy used car dealership will rip you off and sell you a worthless warranty!

Marks Auto Sales Endicott NY review

I had the unfortunate experience of buying a used minivan from Mark’s Auto Sales here in Endicott New York.  My previous car (a Ford Explorer) had been destroyed in a car wreck on Washington avenue.  Some old Italian lady had T-boned me in front of my old high school (Union Endicott high school) and that was the end of the explorer – it was totalled.  The worst part was that the old lady had no insurance and I don’t think she had a license to drive either plus she owned nothing so I was out the Explorer.

I ended up buying a minivan from a car dealership that was located about a mile away from where I had the car accident – Mark’s Auto Sales down by the old K-Mart off Harrison ave.

Mark’s Auto Sales of Endicott Inc.
307 Harrison Avenue
Endicott, NY 13760
(607) 785-1388 ‎

They were really nice to me at Mark’s Auto Sales (probably because I had never bought a car by myself before and didn’t know what I was doing – they saw dollar signs and big profits.  They were going to rip me off and I didn’t know any better.  I wish I had someone that would have known better so I wouldn’t have gotten ripped off by the shady car salesman at Mark’s Auto Sales.  I didn’t know the true worth of used cars and so I trusted them – a BIG MISTAKE!

I found out later on that they sold me this mini van that I have now for $5,000 more then it was worth at the time.  Let me say that again – $5,000 over the value of the vehicle – that means they ripped me off terribly.  Then to top it off they sold me an absolutely worthless warranty from Guardian Warranty Corporation (GWC as on their website).  This warranty is absolutely worthless as they refuse to cover anything at all.  Regardless of what the brochures the sleazy salesperson at Mark’s Auto Sales gave me, none of it was ever covered.  That’s right, anytime I took my car in to get something repaired it was always not covered due to some small print technicality.

I also later found out that the sleezy staff at Mark’s Auto Sales sold me the warranty for more then twice the price I could have bought it online or straight from the warranty company.  That’s right, I could have bought this worthless, crappy warranty for less then half of what the con artists at Mark’s Auto Sales sold it to me for.  Plus they lied to me at Mark’s and pressured me into buying it – they tag teamed me and told me I could only but the warranty that day.  They said that once I drove the car off their lot I would no longer be able to get this or any other warranty to cover the minivan.  They lied to me at Mark’s Auto Sales and that is just wrong to take advantage of a single mother that is barely making ends meet financially.

Now I’m going to be working extra hard for several years to pay off the loan on this minivan and the credit cards I had to max out to pay for all the repairs that the worthless warranty from GWC that Mark’s sold me didn’t cover.  The staff at Mark’s Auto Sales lied to me over and over again.  They told me how great a deal they were giving me on the minivan when in fact they were lying the whole time and they made a ton of money and profit off me.  The salesman even told me that the minivan was a one owner van and was locally owned by an elderly couple that babied it.

That was just another lie – I found that out when a friend of mine’s husband pulled a CarFax and we found the real vehicle history.  The car was a fleet vehicle from Louisiana and may have had flood damage.  I t was never locally owned in the Endicott or Binghamton area.  I don’t know how they got a car from Louisiana to end up at a sleazy car dealer in Endicott NY.  The vehicle also may have had a mileage discrepancy.  What was really strange in its history was that the mileage went up and then down and then up again in its yearly registrations in Louisiana.  According to my friends husband this is indicative of a car having its odometer turned back to increase the sale value.

Mark’s Auto Sales may not have turned back the odometer, but they certainly lied to me about it’s history and then clearly took advantage of me in the worst way one could possibly ever imagine.  They ripped me off, lied to me and basically took advantage of a single mother – that is shameful and disgusting business behavior.  If I were you I would stay far away from this car dealership in Endicott New York and it’s sleazy sales staff.  If you must go there be sure and print out the actual value of the vehicles on a website like to keep them honest or catch the sales staff in their lies – and there will be lots and lots of lies there so beware!

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  1. I can vouch for the fact that Marks Auto Sales is a bad car dealership. They tried to give me half of the wholesale value for my trade in and then they tried to ripp me off again on the price on their used car. They were so full of crap it was disgusting. Needless to say I bought my car elsewhere.

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