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Mary Kay cosmetics review – did you know that Mary Kay is really just a Ponzi scheme – scam?

Mary Kay cosmetics review
Mary Kay is nothing but a big Ponzi scheme and scam. Stay far away from it and all the lies and cheap quality, overpriced cosmetics and high pressure and pushy sales tactics – buy better quality and cheaper products from your local CVS drugstore or Wal-Mart instead!

Well, it starts like this – I have 2 girlfriends, one I have known forever and the other I met about a year ago in massage school (we were both taking classes to get licensed as massage therapists in NC). I was tight with both and we would always get together at least once or twice a week to gossip and tell stories and such. Then they both got into Mary Kay and that all changed fast.

They no longer wanted to meet with me except to try and get me to hold a party or two for them to hawk their Mary Kay cosmetics to my friends and family. This was during the recession and I tried to help them out, but the perception was that a lot of people had lost their jobs and didn’t have the extra money anymore. When they found they weren’t making much money off my friends and family they kind of stopped talking to me. Their true colors started to show.

Now I knew they weren’t real friends. I later found out they both were just using me (even though each was married) to get access to the younger in crowd and especially younger men. They didn’t care at all about me. And then lets get to the Mary Kay products they were selling. Did you know that you can get far better quality cosmetics and beauty products (like anti aging creams, moisturizers, concealers and more at your local CVS drug store or Wal-Mart for far cheaper?

That’s right – they are all of far better quality and far cheaper at the local CVS or other drugstores like Walgreens or Rite-Aid. Mary Kay cosmetics are very cheaply made and are right up there quality wise with those you can find at your local Dollar Store or Family Dollar. I, myself, have used many of the Mary Kay products (I used to purchase them from my friends when I thought they were my friends and I was trying to help them out) and found them all to be inferior products.

A lot of the Mary Kay products are oily and many don’t work anywhere near as well as ones from Revlon and other big name brands that were and are far cheaper at places like CVS and Wal-Mart. Yeah, these “friends” of mine were constantly calling me back in the day and asking me to have parties and get togethers for them to sell their Mary Kay products. After a while they just stopped calling me because I wasn’t the productive friend they thought I should be – they can kiss my proverbial ass now!

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As it turns out I found out from a mutual friend that both of these former friends got out of Mary Kay because they weren’t making any money and went back to the massage school to finish their classes and become massage therapists. Mary Kay is just another Ponzi scheme and they got swept away in the idea of instant riches – unfortunately for them they didn’t research Mary Kay on the internet.

If they had done just a little bit of searching on Google for Mary Kay Scam they would have found millions of nightmare stories of sales reps or personal consultants (if that’s what they call them selves now) that never made any money. Then you can find thousands of former Mary Kay reps selling their wares on Ebay and Craigslist for pennies on the dollar just trying to get some of their initial investment back.

Take it from me – Mary Kay is a bonified Ponzi scheme and scam. All you will do is lose money and friends. People will see through that personal consultant veil and see that you are selling cheap, crappy cosmetics for high prices and that you are just after them for money and to push these cheap products at high prices to their friends and family. Not many people out their think very highly of these Mary Kay scam product pushers.

In my opinion the Mary Kay people out there need to get a real job, get some real sales training and stop ripping off other with their cheap wares. Go to CVS or Wal-Mart yourself and compare the name brands like Olay, Revlon, Clinique and others to Mary Kay’s cheap products in their beauty care line and you will see exactly what I mean – Mary Kay is cheap, crappy products and you can get far better products with absolutely zero pressure at your local CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc…

Stay away, far away from Mary Kay or anyone selling their products. They are not and will not be your true friends and will just use you like they did with me.

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9 thoughts on “Mary Kay cosmetics review – did you know that Mary Kay is really just a Ponzi scheme – scam?

  1. I can tell you that Mar Kay is a waste of time – my ex-wife tried selling it and she was great with people – she was a natural born seller. She had party after party and in two years time she only made about $4,000. It wasn’t worth the time. The only people making money with Mary Kay are the corporation and exectutives. I wonder what the CEO of Mary Kay earns in a year? Does anyone know?

  2. I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone doesn’t use their power of reasoning when entering into any business venture. Having been a Mary Kay customer for some 40 years, off and on, I have never been hoodwinked into the business aspect. There is a choice to be made – you may become a consultant for a simple fee of $100.00 (comparable to any other indivudual consultant fees), and obtain products which far outweight that cost; you can simply say no (like me), you prefer to remain a customer; or you can make no further investments and not be stuck with thousands of dollars of products which you might or might not be able to sell.
    While I don’t tend to agree with Mary Kay’s marketing tactics today, i.e. stock up on inventory (after all, the consultant is their best customer), anyone can take their Mary Kay business to a level of their own choosing.
    Tom, your ex-wife earned the income equivalent of minimum wage working 533 hours total. Not too shabby. Mary Kay offers a good value for their products, which is the reason I remain a long term customer.
    Of course the CEO of Mary Kay earns a hefty salary, and I dare say, a few pink cars to boot. I have encountered very few women who befriended me JUST to make a few Mary Kay sales…but then, I can also think for myself, too.

  3. I apologize in advance for the length of this reply, but it is warranted. I believe the main issue you are having is with your friends, not the company. I’m curious to hear what your issues were with the quality of the product. Not every product works the same on every person. As a result, MK makes different products for different skin types. But sometimes people just aren’t happy with a particular product, and guess what? They accept 90% money back returns. My wife has recently become a Mary Kay consultant (she’s away at seminar right now in fact), and my mother is a director and has been since I was in elementary school. I can tell you from plenty of personal experience that it is not a scam. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it is certainly not a scheme to rip off people eager for work. I’ve been to my mom’s meetings, I’ve been to seminar, I’ve been to a factory where they make the product, I’ve used some of their for men products, and I’ve watched my mom work. I’ve basically lived my whole life with it around. Nothing fishy about it. In fact, what I have observed has been very positive. She is extremely nice and I have yet to hear anyone complain of her being pushy. That is not to say that all consultants and directors are the same, but my point is that there is no inherent issue with the business itself. Now on to what you said about inventory. Anyone can make bad business decisions and purchase inventory they aren’t able to sell. This is true of any retail business whether you own a grocery store or a hot dog stand. If consultants are wise about their inventory purchases, and put forth the effort to work their business, it is less likely to happen. It is actually not even necessary (though it is certainly encouraged) to purchase that much inventory since individual orders can be placed through the Mary Kay website. The two main issues there are 1) that having to pay roughly $5 shipping on a small order cuts out of the seller’s profit (though consultants will often split the shipping cost with the customer) and 2) it is much more convenient for the customer if you can just hand it to them on the spot. I almost laughed out loud at “the thought of being swept away by the thought of instant riches”. I’ve heard a lot about dreaming big, setting high goals, but zero promotion of getting rich quick. That being said, my mom works hard, makes a good income and drives a FREE pink Cadillac.

  4. Yep sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about. I am a consultant and love the product. I have made a good income on the side, but I have put the work into it. If women like a product they will buy it. There is no need for pushiness it sells itself. If Mary Kays products are so crap why did they turnover 5 billion last year?

    1. I bet most of that 5 mill in products are sitting around in basements,closets, storage units………………………..

    2. they make good money by selling the starter kits. random products that you buy then locking you into ordering more. you are the customer not the people you try to sell to,

  5. Over the span of about 20 years I’ve been reeled in about four or five times with promises of free facials and free makeovers from Mary Kay reps. The free “facial” consists of either the rep giving you a baby wipe to clean your own face with, which leaves you feeling sticky and slimy, before you apply the new MK makeup YOURSELF….or the rep giving you dabs of cleanser to try yourself and then, again, follow up with the makeup. This is not a facial. A facial is something very different. It’s relaxing, soothing, therapeutic. To be supportive, I’ve bought cleansers which were okay, but did not create any noticeable difference in my complexion. The makeup seemed oil based and very heavy. On one occasion, by the time I got in my car to go home, it looked like it was sliding off of my face. But my biggest gripe is the lure with the “facial” and “Pampering” that doesn’t really take place at all. Having a MK rep watch me clean off my face and apply makeup myself while she tries to sell to me is not pampering in my book.

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