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Matt Furey Combat Conditioning and weight loss book review – this is one serious body weight workout program and it works!

Matt Furey Combat Conditioning weightloss book review
I bought this Matt Furey book and stuck to the three main exercises (along with some situps) and let me tell you I lost 12 pounds and got in great shape all in the first month!

I had put on some weight after graduating from college and becoming an accountant.  I put in long hours at my job and stayed behind the desk most of the time.  I no longer get out and work out like I used to back in high school and college.  Plus I married a lady that let herself go to pot after our first child.  So, I didn’t have much motivation to stay fit anymore.

I bought the Matt Furey Combat conditioning book because I got tired of not looking good and fit.  I figured that if I could become better fit maybe my wife would then do the same.  Maybe by seeing me lose some weight and gain better health and fitness maybe that would spurn her on to do the same thing.  It was worth a shot and the advertisement I saw said it was a quick and intense workout that only involved a few quick exercises.

When I first received the book I look through it and a lot of the exercise I saw looked familiar and many of them I had already seen before (p90-x, Insanity – both from TV infomercials).  they also reminded me of long workouts that we used to do for cross country and wrestling back in high school.  Those were some really tough workouts back then and I’ll never forget them – especially the days after losing a meet.  Our coach was insane and hated to lose.

Well, in the book there are three main exercises Matt Furey talks about – Hindu squats, Hindu push-ups and back bridges.  He calls these his royal court and says they are the most important body weight exercises out there.  Then he goes on to say that the most important of these is the back bridges.

I have a bad back and I can tell you that when by backfield at all and need to do is hold a tight back bridge for like a minute or so and I feel better almost immediately.  I have purchased a inversion table and tried all sorts of products and treatments and even spent thousands of dollars on a chiropractor and none of this worked for me.  But what did work, and it worked wonders, was these three exercises from Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning book.

As I said earlier the exercises were similar to what I had seen on TV infomercials for the workout DVDs Insanity and p90-x (I never bought the workout DVDs because they were too expensive – I just liked to watch them from time to time late at night and would pick up some tips and ideas every once in a while.

After about a month of doing just the three main exercises – hindu squats, hindu push-ups and bridges from Matt Furey’s book I had lost easily 12 pounds and gained back my health and strength.  Whereas before I would get winded just walking up 4 or 5 flights of stairs, now I could easily do that and more.  Plus I could see a remarkable change in my physique.  I was becoming leaner and harder.

I couldn’t believe it my wife and some close friends even told me how I starting to look buff like a body builder.  I hadn’t heard that since the days when I was a wrestler back in high school.  that was a long time ago and I can tell you this now that I am easily in the best shape of my life.  There are more exercises in Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning book, but I just stick to the three main ones and I do them once every 3 days.

So, for instance, on Monday I will do 300 Hindu Squats then on Tuesday I will do 300 Hindu pushups and then Wednesday I will do back bridges for 5 minutes and some situps in my Perfect Situp machine.  That’s all I do and I look like I have the body of a 20 year old and I am 49 years old!  This book has changed my life and shown me how I can get in shape fast.  But you don’t need to get the book.  You can just search on the internet for information or YouTube videos on Hindu squats, Hindu push-ups and back bridges.  Then just get started and watch how quickly your body will change.

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