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Matt Furey Combat Conditioning book review – do these exercises work and are they Matt Furey’s unique exercises?

Matt Furey Combat Conditioning book review
I bought the Combat Conditioning book by Matt Furey for less then $1 at my local Goodwill and here is my honest review of it...

I happened to visit my local Goodwill a few months ago and purchased a few books for like $.90 each or so. One of these books happened to be Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey. I briefly remember seeing an ad in a recent karate or grappling magazine for this book by Matt Furey.

I also researched Mr. Furey a little on the Internet and is a self-proclaimed exercise and fitness guru. Funny thing though is that he’s never been on any TV show that I can remember or recall like most other fitness gurus. Anyway, he claims to be able to take anyone and put you in the best fitness of your life with exercises that are his and unique.

Upon looking through the book I found many of his exercises were the same ones we used to do back in wrestling in high school. The bridging exercises especially. Upon looking through the book you see that his mainstay or his name exercises involve Hindu squats, Hindu puchups and this bridging.

Hindu squats are just squats that you do with your full body weight. People have been doing these for centuries. There is nothing new here. Hindu push-ups are exactly the same things we did in wrestling practice while Matt Furey himself was in elementary school.

Bridging is something that is synonymous with wrestling. I have never heard of or seen a wrestling season go by where the high school wrestling teams don’t do an awful lot of bridging. Bridging goes back a long ways as it is heavily involved and used in conditioning for Greco-Roman wrestling.

So these are not any new or unique exercises and I could not see anything in this book from cover to cover that was new or unique to Mr. Matt Furey. Great he wrote a book and put it a lot of exercises from others that have come long before him without giving much credit to any of those people at all.

Anyway these basic moves and exercises have been around for centuries because they work. And you can get the same moves from other books and from other sources. You don’t need to pay $29.95 on his website for this book or these exercises that he calls unique.

You’re like me you can pick it up for less than a dollar at your local Goodwill. Or you can buy it off the Internet dirt cheap on Amazon or some other place like Ebay. I’ve also heard that you can download it for free through the Pirate Bay and other torrent websites.

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As I said, the exercises are not new or unique and have been around for a long time. You can get the same exercises from Matt Furey’s book or you can go elsewhere and get the same exact exercises and fitness ideas. There’s nothing earth shattering in this book so I can’t recommend it.

A friend of mine just told me, while I was writing this review of Mr. Furey’s book Combat Conditioning, that it is available free download on Kickass Torrents website. I do not recommend stealing other people’s works, but then again I think that Mr. Furey stole other peoples exercises and works also as these conditioning exercises are all centuries old – just ask anyone with a history in Greco-Roman wrestling and they will tell you.

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