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McAffee anti virus protection renewal at $49 is it a good deal?

McAfee anti virus protection renewal costs review
McAfee anti virus keeps giving me pop ups for renewal at prices from $69 to $49 - is this a good deal?

I have used McAffee anti virus protection for the past four or five years and I use the 3 user license version. I usually pay $49 or so at Target for this, but recently I’ve seen far better deals online. Several times a year McAfee sends me e-mails and advertisements or pop-ups telling me of their latest deals which can range from $10 off of their $79 price to the current price of $49.

In any case not one of these offers from McAfee is a good deal. This is because the standard price for the same 3 user anti virus software is $49 at Target and Wal-Mart. And then when you go on the Internet and look around you quickly find that you can get it for $12-$17 with shipping included on eBay or

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I prefer because they have far better customer service and far less scams from sellers. I don’t do as much business anymore on eBay due to the amount of fraud that just is ridiculous on there. Generally when I buy something on eBay I need to buy it 4 or 5 times because the first three or four times the seller is trying to rip me off in one way or another.

The good thing is that with either eBay or is the seller tries to rip you off by not sending you the correct software package (like sending you a one user license instead of a three user license version – which is the most common ripoff on eBay) then you will get your money back. The only problem is you have to wait a month or two to receive it on eBay.

McAfee is a good antivirus protection for your computer, but there is a wide range in the pricing that you can pay for it and the weird thing is that you get the exact same coverage whether you pay $12 or $79 or more. So being that you have to pay this every year I would much rather pay the $12 or so.

This is why I now know to go onto and find myself the newest version of McAffee anti virus protection when I have about one month left on my current protection.
Eventually, hopefully, McAffee will switch to competing on the cloud so that you won’t have to constantly install an update their antivirus program on your individual computer.

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That would be nice because it would free up a lot of space on your computer, especially laptops. When they’re on the cloud you will be able to connect with McAfee anti virus protection every time you’re online and can check your computer out for viruses and more. This is the way the future – computing on the cloud. McAffee just hasn’t gotten there yet.

One thought on “McAffee anti virus protection renewal at $49 is it a good deal?

  1. McAffee sucks. It is too slow and takes up too much of my computers memory. I used to use it but then I switched to Kaspersky. It is far better and quicker.

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