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McAlisters Deli Review – they have great food and fantastic service

I had a wonderful experience at McAlisters


I was in town visiting an old friend and it was about lunch time so we went out to get something to eat. We wanted to try to avoid fast food but didn’t really have to time to do a whole sit down lunch so we decided to go to a sandwich shop.

My friend recommended we go to McAlisters Deli. I had never been to or heard of McAlisters Deli before and had to ask a few more questions about it before committing. I was told I would like it a lot and that I had to try it. I took his word and we went there.

We walked in to no line at the counter. I stood back for a minute while I looked over the menu. They had a lot of unique things to offer like loaded baked potatoes, a buffalo chicken salad, wraps, panini, ect… I was very impressed with their selection and variety.

However, I was feeling boring so I just got a turkey melt, and a side of mashed potatoes with gravy. My friend told me to get the lemonade there too. So that’s what I got to drink. He sure was right, because it was delicious. In my opinion better than Chick-Fil-A’s lemonade.




I noticed that the girl behind the counter was extremely courteous and nice to both me and everyone there. I took a look around and noticed that all the employees seemed genuinely happy to be at work and serving the customers. This was definitely a nice change of pace.

The girl that took our order said that they would bring the food out to us and to just sit down. What great service! You definitely wouldn’t see this at a Subway or a Quiznos. My only complaint thus far was the high prices. I paid 11 dollars for my food and drink. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend on lunch, but I figured it was at least worth trying.

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The food came out rather quickly. We waited no more than 4 or 5 minutes. The turkey melt I got from McAlisters look delicious. I bit right into it and found that everything tasted fantastic. It had fresh vegetables, and turkey meat on it. The mashed potatoes were also very delicious. They were hot and the gravy was quite flavorful.

I finished the whole thing and I must say it was a very good experience. When we were finished we didn’t even need to clean up after ourselves. We could just leave our mess behind and they employees would clean it up. I had a great experience at McAlisters and would definitely go back soon.

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