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Mcdonalds Complaint – I found a cockroach in my cheeseburger!

I found a roach in my food at Mcdonalds

I was in a hurry and needed a quick bite to eat. I saw a Mcdonalds up ahead and decided to stop there to eat. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries off the dollar menu. You can’t go wrong with a meal for only two bucks.

I sat down to eat it and it tasted fine. The fries and burger were both very hot and crisp. It seemed like the typical experience you would have at Mcdonalds. Good tasting food, that was terrible for your diet, but boy was I wrong.

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I was about half way finished with my burger and noticed a tiny dead cockroach fall out of my sandwich. (I wish I had a newer phone with a camera of it because I would love to post the picture of it) As I saw it fall to the table from the burger I immediately spit out the food I had in my mouth.

This was disgusting. This Mcdonalds appeared to be clean and I wouldn’t have expected to find something so gross in my food. I sat there in shock for a minute while I registered what I might have been eating. I also felt very sick to my stomach staring at that bug on the table.

After I composed myself I went up to the counter and explained what happened and how I was grossed out by this bug in my food. The woman at the counter called for the manager, and the manager apologized for the incident. She offered to replace my meal for free but I declined. I told her I don’t need another cheeseburger with bugs on it. A simple refund will suffice.

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I took my money back and went on my way. I was no longer hungry. The roach in my cheeseburger was enough to subdue my appetite. I can safely say after this experience I will never eat at Mcdonalds again. This was just gross.

6 thoughts on “Mcdonalds Complaint – I found a cockroach in my cheeseburger!

  1. That is just disgusting – I will never eat McDonald’s again. Too bad, as I did really like their Big Mac’s and quarter pounders.

    1. I ordered from McDonalds 8-15-2013 and we had a fried roach in our French Fries. The owner will give me my $10 back and some free food. I just can’t go down an pick up the refund not worth it! Not sure how to handle this.

  2. I Googled to see if others had a similar experience to one I had today, 08-24-’13. I bought two sausage mcmuffins with egg and a cup of oatmeal. When I get to work, I have the oatmeal and one mcmuffin. I close the bag up after removing those. For lunch, I have the other mcmuffin. I ate it and then as I was removing the napkins from the bottom of the bag, there he was. A cockroach with his antennas going. I wanted to throw up. I keep telling myself that the sandwiches were wrapped, so maybe he didn’t crawl around on the actual food. This took place at McDonald’s in downtown Massillon, Ohio.

  3. I bought two mcmuffins and cup of oatmeal. I eat oatmeal and one mcmuffin in morning and second for lunch. After doing so, I was removing napkins from bottom of bag, and there he was. A cockroach with his antennas going. I wanted to throw up. I am hoping since sandwiches were wrapped, he didn’t crawl on food. Ohio

  4. Last night I was at mcdonalds and the trash can in the restaurant was infested with Roaches, they were crawling all over the trash can. And if they come out with the lights on you know theres a lot more

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