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McDonalds happy meal complaint – it came with soggy, smelly apple slices!

I was with my family in the midst of a road trip through Baltimore Maryland when my kids and I decided to make a pitstop at a McDonald’s. The McDonald’s was located right off the Baltimore Turnpike and we stopped in to get some burgers and a few happy meals. I also stopped in to get some cash back as I needed it for all the tolls on I-95. I couldn’t believe the prices of some of the tolls ($4 by the tunnel).

The McDonald’s took forever to get our order and the lines were pretty messed up. There was this demanding black couple that was making a big stink out of nothing ( they wanted more napkins and the husband was demanding that he be referred to as “the great”, not “sir” – where do these dumb morons like that come from?). Anyway, we finally got to put our order in and it took about 15 minutes to get the food we order. This had to be the slowest service McDonald’s I’ve ever been at. It wasn’t slammed or anything and only had one small group of idiot customers that the manager was dealing

mcdonalds happy meal apple slices complaint
The apple slices that came with my kids happy meals were soggy, slimy and smelled bad.

5600 Odonnell St.
Baltimore, MD
1(410) 633-1821

We took our food and got napkins and straws and then headed out to the car. We wanted to get as much driving as possible out of the way so I started driving and we went right back on I-95. My kids soon found out that the apple slices in their happy meals were soggy and smelly – definitely not edible in the least. The wrapper on them stated that they were guaranteed fresh and tasty. That definitely was not the case here. I saw and smelled the apple slices and they were brown, slimy and gross.

The problem was we were too far away at that point for me to turn around and go back to return these apple slices. Also, from what I could see, they packed everything in extreme haste and everything looked sloppy. The burgers were very sloppy and the french fries were cold and not very salty at all. It was as if no one cared and they just hastily threw our food together.

slimy mcdonalds food
Another picture of the slimy, smelly apple slices my kids got with their McDonald’s happy meals.

I was rather disappointed at the service or lack thereof at this particular McDonald’s restaurant in Baltimore Maryland. I may not live there or near there, but that doesn’t mean I have to be treated differently or wrongly or that I should be forced to put up with this bad service and crappy food. Soggy, smelly and slimy apple slices for kids happy meals is just plain bad. I had to deal with 3 unhappy kids for several hours until I stopped at another, better restaurant to get them better kids meals.

All I can say is this – don’t stop at the above listed McDonald’s or you will get crappy service and soggy, smelly and inedible food like we did.

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