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Mega Brands ProBuilder Mega Bloks review – Legos move over as Mega Bloks now makes Lego sized plastic blocks and they are better and much cheaper!

Mega Brands ProBuilder Mega Bloks review
I ran into these ProBuilder plastic building block sets at Toys R Us and they are better and far cheaper then Legos!

I was at Toys “R” Us a few weeks ago looking at stuff for my kids for Christmas.  I was walking down the usual Lego isle one I found some off brand Legos that were far cheaper and that had cooler parts.  These it turned out were produced by none other then Mega Brand (the makers of Mega Bloks for pre school kids).

It turned out that you could buy big sets of these connecting plastic ProBuilder building blocks for like 1/5 of the price of the real Lego brand ones.  And if you haven’t looked at Legos lately they’re pretty darn expensive.  some of these kits can be over $100 easily.  With the Mega Brand ProBuilder blocks I could get huge sets for around $30!

Now, Toys “R” Us only had a few of these Mega Blok kits with small connecting blocks like the legos (a police office, fire department and some army ones).  So I decided to look it up on the Internet and see if this was all that they had or if they had other ones.  so I went to the Mega Brand website ( and was simply amazed at what I found.

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Just go and click on the $40-$60 range products and you will find kits that equivalent Lego brand ones would cost hundreds of dollars.  They have race car sets with race cars and haulers, all kinds of boats, battleships, movie and action game themed kits, etc…  Blok Squad (the police department and fire department sets were the ones that I saw at Toys “R” Us).

They also have speedboats, tanks, and street racing cars like the ones from the movie The Fast and The Furious.  They have tons of different kits in all price ranges from below $10 to a maximum of about $50 or $60.  All of these kids are comparable to Lego brand sets and can be bought at a fraction of the price of the Legos.

what I also like about these ProBuilder plastic blocks from mega brand (they refer to the smaller blocks for older kids as micro blocks – the actual small or Mega Bloks are for younger kids but they are all made by the same company Mega Brands).  They even have a Harley Davidson motorcycle kit and a f-1 McLaren racing car set.

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What’s most important here for the children is that as you all know and as I knew when I grew up we never followed the directions and we built our own things.  That was the fun of it.  You would see something you liked and then try and re-create it with the Legos that you had.  but back when we were growing up Legos were cheap.

Nowadays they’re very expensive and to have enough to for a child or two to be able to build whatever they want could literally cost $500 or more.  I really like the idea that you can now get the same amount of plastic blocks for $100 or less through the Mega Blok brand toys.  And that’s what I did this past Christmas.

I bought around $150 worth of these ProBuilder Mega Blok building kits and we had enough of these plastic blocks to literally fill up a 20 gallon plastic tote from Home Depot and the kids love them.  Besides another bonus is that the plastic figurines that come with the Mega Brand plastic blocks are far more detailed and of better quality.  These plastic blocks in my opinion are far superior to the Lego bricks I grew up with and that sell for 5 times the price.

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8 thoughts on “Mega Brands ProBuilder Mega Bloks review – Legos move over as Mega Bloks now makes Lego sized plastic blocks and they are better and much cheaper!

  1. I checked out the Mega Brands website and you were spot on. Thanks for the great advice – I will buy their plastic building blocks instead of the expensive Legos most stores sell.

  2. Warning — This comment may be from a Lego brand employee or someone similarly vested in Legos — Warning

    DONT BUY IT!! I bought 2 of the ProBuilder set for my 11 year old son. Neither set had complete parts. After waiting 3 weeks for the missing parts, we have discovered that there are even more pieces missing from one of the sets. Now when I call the MEGA Blok 800#, I get “all agents are busy now. Please leave a message and we will return your call.” Three messages later and no return call.

    Also, these pieces DO NOT stay together. I have been working with LEGOS for over 30 years…never had pieces missing and never fell apart. These sets are cheaper because they are of poor quality. If they were of high quality, why do stores only carry 2 or 3 sets? They are nowhere to be found in quantity.

  3. I recently discovered megabloks, thanks to ebay, and I have to tell you, I am in heaven. I had always had legos growing up, and still buy an occasional set, but the problem with lego is, they don’t make military models. I love the probuilder military line.

  4. It’s been a while since my kids were asking for blocks of any kind, but I do remember the floor being covered with them. When my kids were quite young they really liked the Mega blocks and I have to admit, the price appealed to me, but as they grew older, the Lego became increasingly more appealing because of the diversity of projects. If Mega has expanded its selection, then it makes sense to stick to the less costly version. I never had problems with either brand missing pieces.

  5. Its true that the kits that build something advertised on the box are really expensive. I have a younger brother who would always like the Star War’s ones, and is not into the Transformers and they are not cheap. These sound like a good alternative. When you buy toys, why pay so much more for a brand name product- who cares?

  6. It amazes me how much children’s toy companies are charging for toys. They know that parents will buy the toys and that children will demand them so they think they can charge as much as they want. Legos should never be terribly expensive. I remember having them as a child and loved them, but never once did I think about the cost. I believe more companies should make similar products to create a competition and drive the prices down so that more children can have the luxury of playing with toys. After all, children need to be children before they can grow up and become adults. So they don’t need fancy, expensive toys, but they need something tangible. It is like buying an expensive cat bed or making one out of a box and a blanket. 9 times out of 10 the cat is going to go for the box and the blanket.

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