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Mens Rogaine Foam hair treatment review – it goes on easy but doesn’t grow any hair!

Mens Rogaine Foam hair treatment review
I bought and tried the Men's Rogaine Foam and had no positive results whatsoever! The product does not work!

I, like most of my male friends, have been experiencing some serious hair loss. I now have a very noticeable forehead due to my receding hairline. And I have a growing and enlarging thinning hair spot in the middle the back of my head where I am afraid I may end up going bald eventually.

I have heard that Rogaine is a topical hair loss solution that can regrow hair in the vast majority of cases like mine. But I heard that the original Rogaine was messy to apply and I am kind of a neat freak and I don’t really like messy stuff. So I wanted to give it a try but never got around to it until they came out with this new application – Men’s Rogaine Foam hair treatment.

This new foam hair treatment was supposed to be much easier to apply then the original Rogaine and far less messy. So I was sold on this new product and bought it online for $70 including shipping and handling (I think I bought it off but I am not sure exactly). I couldn’t wait to get this product in the mail and start using it on my hair to stop the hair loss that I was experiencing.

I followed the directions exactly as they are written on the packaging and I applied it twice a day religiously. I used this Rogaine foam product for several months (I had to buy several more of these Rogaine Foam products during that time) and I didn’t experience anything but more hair loss. I thought maybe I didn’t give it enough time and I gave it the whole rest of the year and all that did (I even took pictures during this time of my hair) was further document the hair loss I was experiencing.

I didn’t understand it and felt like I had been duped by a scam. This Rogaine Foam hair treatment for men had absolutely no effect on my hair whatsoever. The only effect it might have had was putting that product in my hair might have actually caused more hair to fall out.

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I know I can’t get my money back on this item because I’ve had it for too long now, but I will still write a letter to the makers of Rogaine to tell them my complaint that their product does not work in the slightest bit on men’s hair loss like it’s supposed to. all it did was cause me an extra expense where I got zero results from it – the stuff is not cheap at $70 per container and you will use them up fairly quickly.

I think it is just another scam aimed at taking advantage of people like myself that are desperate to find something to help stop their hair loss. Don’t buy the Rogaine Foam hair treatment for men as you will be sorely disappointed in its results.

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