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Microsoft Internet Explorer complaint – this internet browser and search tool constantly locks up and malfunctions.

Microsoft Internet Explorer complaint
I must say I am getting tired of the way Microsoft Internet Explorer keeps screwing up and locking up on my computer.

I am an avid user of the Internet and you could probably call me a Facebook junkie and social networking addict (I also love downloading torrents through my VPN). I love to see what’s new out there and see what other people are thinking. I have some favorite websites (like for instance and I like to be able to go back and forth between them and see what new posts are out there and what people are thinking.

The problem I have is that in doing this somehow Internet Explorer screws up several times a day. When it does this all of my windows get locked up and shut down and they have to be reloaded and sometimes it takes so long to do this it’s quicker to just unplug my computer and start it up again.

This is frustrating, annoying and extremely time-consuming. I do not have this problem when I use Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome or Firefoxinternet browsers. I only ever have this problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer. You would think with all the billions of dollars that Microsoft has earned over the years that they could’ve produced a better Internet search tool and browser.

With less money and less time Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers are far better, faster and have no locking up issues. It’s not like I have an old ancient computer that would naturally lock up due to lack of RAM and memory. My computer is less than one year old and has four gigs of RAM and was the top-of-the-line model when I bought it.

Nothing pisses me off more then this Microsft Internet Explorer bugs that lock up your system and greatly slow you down and eat up tons of time. Seriously it can take half an hour more to get the Internet Explorer in Windows I was looking at back up again once they go down or lock up.

I’m sick and tired of Microsoft Internet Explorer and I will probably end up switching permanently to Google Chrome as I like their internet browser the best. It’s amazing that with them far lower budget and less time behind it that all other competitors from Google to Firefox and Apple can produce a far better search browser then Microsoft.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Internet Explorer complaint – this internet browser and search tool constantly locks up and malfunctions.

  1. Internet explorer browser is the lock-up KING! Apple safari is what i use now. It takes a while for it to learn sites but then again it does not lock up.!

  2. hi i am having a problem wid the web browser so i would like to complain on that ,
    1. for eg if we have 2 tabs in ie 10 if we pull one tab and touch to top of screen its going back ..of another tab .it should come to top?why?and that makes the tab to maximise the windows

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