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Midas auto repair brakes complaint – they lied to me and were a ripoff!

Midas auto repair brakes complaint - they lied to me and were a ripoff
Don't ever take your car in to Midas for a brake service or other repair - they will lie to you and are a ripoff!

The brakes on my Dodge van were squealing so I took it in to the Midas auto repair shop on South Blvd.

Midas Auto Service Experts
6331 South Blvd.
Charlotte, NC

They took my van in one of their service bays, lifted it up and started taking the front wheels off the van. Then they came in and told me that I needed new rotors and brake heads for the front end. They said the brake rotors or badly warn and in need of replacement. They also told me that the brake pads were shot and needed to be replaced.

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The man said it was going to be $714.00 for the new rotors and brake pads to be installed and/or replaced. I’m not new to these scams or schemes from repair shops to get you to pay a lot more than is necessary. I’ve been to more than a few of these similar repair shops over the years.

I also know that they don’t have to replace brake rotors on a car or van with only 40,000 miles on it. When you take it in to the car dealership usually take the rotors off and they grind them down as a part of their brake service. They can usually do this several times for each rotor. So, a typical brake job like this should be around $100 to maybe $150 and that’s it – definitely not anywhere near $700!

I asked them why they couldn’t do that – resurfacing the brake rotors. They said that they don’t resurface brake rotors at Midas. Yet their advertising, which drew me in to the shop, clearly states that they have lower and better pricing then local car dealerships. that is false advertising because $714 is clearly several times higher then $100 to $150 at the local car dealership.

I got disgusted with them and told them to put my wheels back on. They said they would have to charge me a $100 diagnosis fee. I told him there was no way on earth I was paying them $100 for their attempted at scamming me. They wouldn’t budge so I called 911. The police came and upon explaining the situation to them they looked into it and made them return my car to me without my having to pay the fee – thank you Charlotte police!

Later that day I took my car to a different auto repair shop – Americana Auto and Tires on North Tryon St. They told me the rotors just needed a slight resurfacing which they did for no charge and the brake pads needed replacement. The total charge – $115 including tax and everything. My squealing brakes were fixed and worked great and I saved about $600 by going to Americana where the mechanics and service technicians are honest and fair.

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I will never, ever go back to any Midas auto repair shop for service on my Dodge van ever again as they clearly tried to rip me off and thought I was a dumb, stupid woman and an easy mark. I did go back a few days later, however, to tell them that I got my front end brakes repaired for just over $100. They didn’t want to hear it and closed the door and went out to the service bays – such classy guys that work at Midas.

If you need brakes replaced or repaired do not go to Midas Auto Service. They will only try and rip you off and lie to you. And especially if you are a woman. They love to rip off and lie to women.

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