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Midtown Heights Apartments Houston TX complaint – there are too many break-ins and robberies here – this place is dangerous!

Midtown Heights Apartments Houston TX complaint
I have been a resident here at the Midtown Heights apartments for over 3 years and seen way too much crime here.

I have been living at the Midtown Apartments here in Houston Texas for about 3 years. During this time I have had my car broken into numerous times and even stolen once – some young gang bangers that hang out in the parking lot across the street decided to take it for a joy ride one day. Fortunately I got it back with just some minor scratches on it.

Midtown Heights Apartments
404 Oxford Street
Houston, TX 77007-2640
(713) 862-5158

I have seen and heard many of my neighbors here at the Midtown Heights apartments get their vehicles broken into, stolen like mine, and their apartments robbed. The thieves are always looking for flat screen tvs (they took my 42″ flat screen tv that I worked hard and saved up for) and other nice electronics items like my android smartphone.

It doesn’t matter if you have an alarm or your car the thieves we have here know exactly how to get into your car and disable the car alarm in seconds. The Houston police have been here numerous times and they can never catch the culprits. Maybe the real truth here is that they don’t want to because they are scared of the culprits because they’re real gang members and they do threaten to go after people’s families (even police officers families) here in Houston.

I have had my car keyed several times. I’ve had the tires punctured and flattened with a sharp instrument – probably a knife. My radio antenna on my car got stolen a long time ago and just yesterday someone urinated all over my driver side door. My apartment as I said earlier has been robbed several times and one time they even ate some of the food in my fridge!

Just last week there were gun shots in the parking lot across the street. I could clearly hear them from my apartment. The girl that lives in the apartment across from me heard them too and got scared and stayed at my place as her place faces the parking lot. I don’t mind her staying at my place because she is hot and gives great blowjobs (but nothing more because she has a steady boyfriend).

My next door neighbor and the free blow jobs may be the only reason I am staying here. Other than that this apartment place is loud, dangerous and smelly. One of my neighbors has an apartment that smells so bad there are fruit flies lined up on his door waiting to get in. I have never seen so many fruit flies and bugs on one’s door.

We also had a bout of bed bugs here recently. They probably came from that neighbor with all the flies and bugs on his door. They certainly didn’t start in my apartment but they did end up there. It took several visits from exterminators to get rid of them all. Those little buggers are some blood thirsty critters. They lie in wait until you go to sleep at night and then you wake up in the morning and find always little red dots on your sheets from the blood that they suck out.

You also get all these red and painful bite marks on your legs and especially around your ankles. Your best bet, unless you make friends with the girl across the hall and want free blow jobs, is to go elsewhere as this place is probably the worst apartment complex in Houston Texas.

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  1. I will definitely steer away from that apartment complex – my God, it sounds like Harlem or Queens NY and their most run down areas!

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