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Midtown Restaurant Review – their food is terrible and they have a very disappointing bar scene

Midtown is a terrible sports bar in Charlotte NC.

I like to follow the NBA playoffs so I decided to grab a bite to eat with some friends at Midtown a local restaurant in the Charlotte, NC area. I had heard some good things about it and thought this would be a good place to go out and watch a game, have a few beers, and grab a bite to eat.

I showed up around game time it was pretty dead in there. I was hoping there would be a little better atmosphere in there but I guess I would have had to deal with it. It looked like they were understaffed even though they weren’t busy it took a while for them to seat us at table. It was rather annoying.

We sat down and ordered a round of beers. It wasn’t anything too crazy for specials they had there. $2.50 domestics is pretty typical so the drink prices were as expected. We ordered a few appetizers including one of my favorite, fried pickles. For those that haven’t had them they are worth trying. They don’t sound too appetizing but are delicious.

The service was extraordinarily slow for both the drinks and the fried pickles to come out. I was starving so this was rather annoying. When the pickles came I was really disappointed in how they were prepared. Normally they are cut into small chips, but these were cut very poorly and were in long strands. It was just too much pickle at once and they were way too spicy. Friend pickles aren’t supposed to be spicy, and I was very disappointed in their poor quality.

We placed our food order for some burgers when our waitress came back and we relaxed a bit while we watched the game. However I took a look around while we waited on our burgers and noticed that the few people that were there were a bit odd. It was full of old almost homeless looking men playing pool and gawking over in our direction for whatever reason. It made us feel very uncomfortable. Some shady people obviously made Midtown their local hangout.

It took forever for our burgers to come, we waited about 40 minutes. It was ridiculous, it shouldn’t take that long to make something to simple. When they got there they were prepared really poorly. They were burnt to a crisp and nearly uneatable. It was really painful to force them down. I was really disappointed in the food, and the atmosphere was slow and uncomfortable. Not the the kind of place you want to go watch a game.

We stuck it out for a little longer and finished watching the game but got out of there pretty fast. I don’t think I’ll be back there anytime soon. The food there was absolutely terrible, and the atmosphere was horrible. This sports bar is not good at all and I don’t recommend anyone go there.

2 thoughts on “Midtown Restaurant Review – their food is terrible and they have a very disappointing bar scene

  1. I have eaten at Midtown Sundries a few times. The food is good, but the waitresses are flirty sluts and the women that hangout there are not the best looking in the world. There are far better bars in Charlotte to hangout at. But, again, they do have good food at Midtown Sundries.

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