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Miller Honda of Culver City review – this evil car dealership played scam games and tried to rip me off!

Miller honda culver city review
Miller Honda of Culver City thought I was a dumb blonde and treated me like one and I left to get a far better deal elsewhere!


I got a raise at work and so I decided that it is served a new car. So I took my old car over to the Miller Honda car dealership over in Culver City off Washington Blvd. and that apparently was a great big mistake. They figured I was a dumb blonde and proceeded to try and rip me off royally! It was unbelievable!

First they tried to steer me away from the cars that I wanted and was most interested in. I think they were trying to get me to buy their slower selling units. I wasn’t having anything to do with that and apparently that pissed off the manager. He was a rude and crass individual.

Then when I finally decided that I was good to have a two door Honda Accord EXL V6 coupe and I was no longer interested in looking at the four doors that they kept trying to cram down my throat we then sat down to go over numbers. First thing they did was tell me that my purchase price was going to be higher than the sticker price.

Now that is an absurd statement and idea – since when should someone pay over the recommended manufacturers suggested retail price? This is a two door Honda accord that were talking about here. We’re not talking about some rare Corvette or Ferrari here. Again they were trying to get here was to keep me above the MSRP price so that I would have to negotiate down and agree to a much higher price than I normally would have.

Then I got really mad when I pulled out the sheets I printed off the Internet at home prior to coming to their store. I had the invoice pricing, holdback costs, etc… and I got them all off of (one of my favorite website resources). The sales manager looked at the sheets that I had and told me that they were all wrong.




He said that there’s no way that a car dealer has things like holdback or that they have an invoice price that low. He tried to tell me that the only make a few hundred dollars off the MSRP price on their cars. He said that the majority of their profits are made in the service lanes and not by selling cars.

The sales manager then proceeded to give me a price that was $200 below the MSRP and he tried to make it sound like it was a great deal. We were nowheres near the invoice price and this is a terrible recession so I should be getting invoice price like I can get at any other car dealer out there!

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But the sales staff at Miller Honda in Culver City California was having nothing to do with that. They could’ve made it quick and easy sale if they would’ve given me $200 to $300 below the invoice price. I was not that I take their idiotic offer of $200 below the MSRP price.

I didn’t have much patience with them anymore at that point and seeing that they were not budge below their offer of $200 below the MSRP I just got up and left disgusted from their store. I will never go back to Miller Honda of Culver City. I actually found a car dealer just a little bit farther away they gave me the exact car that I wanted for $400 below invoice and they were far more professional and courteous.

My recommendation to anyone in or near Clover city is to stay far away from the sales staff at Miller Honda!

One thought on “Miller Honda of Culver City review – this evil car dealership played scam games and tried to rip me off!

  1. Miller Honda sucks. I used to work there and quit. I had enough of the lies and crap. I was tired of being told by my boss to lie to customers on a daily basis. I was tired of ripping off good people. I was tired of them playing games with my paycheck. They steal from their customers and even from their own employees! The place is a sham and everyone needs to stay away from it.

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