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Molly Maid Oakland California review – the cleaning ladies cleaned my house and then some – stole money and some jewelry from my house!

Molly Maid Oakland California review
I hired Molly Maid here in nearby Oakland California and the cleaning ladies turned out to be a bunch of thieves!

My wife was pregnant and in her third trimester when the doctor told her that she needed complete bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy if she wanted to have a healthy baby.  So she could no longer do many of the chores and housework she used to do.  I ended up hiring some cleaning ladies from Molly Maid here in nearby Oakland CA to help with the house cleaning.

MOLLY MAID of East Bay Hills
1471 Macarthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602

These ladies did a pretty good job of cleaning the house and things. I had to be vigilant though because they would forget to do a window or empty a trashcan or something similar. Other than that though we didn’t really have a problem with them until two weeks later when my wife was going through her purse and found she was missing some money.

She said she had kept a few hundred dollars in her purse to pay for things like eating out with her friend and emergency expenses were she would have to pay cash instead of a credit card. I thought maybe she misplaced it and we left it at that. We didn’t think it would be the cleaning ladies from Molly Maid – I mean who steals money from a pregnant lady whom has been put on doctor ordered bed rest?

About a week later my wife was going through her jewelry and she was looking for some important items that were from her mother who died 5 years ago. These items somehow were missing and it was just like with the missing cash. We had no idea of where they went. But my wife was on complete bed rest and had never left the house during the time the Molly Maid cleaning ladies were there.

Things were starting to look a little suspicious. I installed a lock on my wife’s closet where she keeps her jewelry and no more of the jewelry disappeared after that, but money once again disappeared from her purse (around $50 this time and I knew this because I had put it there).

Now we knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that the only people that could have been pilfering my wife’s items was the cleaning ladies. There was no one else there in our home during this time that could have done this. I called the manager or or owner of the Molly Maid cleaning service (510)530-6076 and he said there was no way that any of his cleaning ladies would do anything like that.

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After that I went to talk to an attorney friend of mine but I unfortunately found out that without any proof like video footage of the maids stealing things we really would have a very tough time convincing a jury that theft occurred from the Molly Maid employees. After that I immediately stopped using Molly Maid of East Bay Hills cleaning ladies.

We found a relative’s daughter that was much more trustworthy and has since been a great help. I will never, ever hire Molly Maid for house cleaning services again. They will come and clean you out in more ways than you can imagine.

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3 thoughts on “Molly Maid Oakland California review – the cleaning ladies cleaned my house and then some – stole money and some jewelry from my house!

  1. Had the same issue with Molly Maids in Dallas, TX. The very first time we used them, a day later we noticed a portable $300 mp3/video player was missing. Also, to add insult to injury, they didn’t do that good of a job. Sure, the place smelled clean, b/c they’d pour smelly cleaners all over the place. But upon inspection we noticed many things remained dirty. They just did a very superficial job, not the full cleaning we had requested. I’ve been wary of hiring maids ever since.

  2. If your wife is in bed all day, why wouldn’t she keep the purse or any other really valuable item in bed with her while there are people doing work in the house?

  3. I just want to say in Molly Maids defense, not every branch of Molly Maid is the same!! My partner and I have the exact same views on touching things that dont belong to us. There is nothing any of your houses could possibly have that is worth a nice weekly paycheck to us. Besides that, the guilt alone would eat me alive! So sorry you had such a bad experience with us.. But some people are just flat out thieves! My NJ division of Molly Maid is very thorough with their hiring process including background checks, reference checking, and many more things that lead up to whether we are hired or not! When I go into a house, whether its an initial clean or not, I make sure my customers are happy! Of course, we’ll occasionally miss something- after all, were only human 🙂 I cant believe how cold hearted and dishonest some people can be 🙁 But Molly Maid is a great help to many many people!

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