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Monterrey Authentic Mexican Restaurant review – this place is awesome – friendly staff and great Mexican food!

Monterrey Authentic Mexican Restaurant review
My wife and I ordered takeout from Monterrey Mexican restaurant in North Charlotte and I was impressed with both their service and great food!

My wife had a craving for Mexican food today and originally asked for some Taco Bell food.  I told her that Taco Bell is horrible and that we have far better Mexican food here in Charlotte, NC.  I mean, think about it – we have a huge Spanish and Mexican population here in Charlotte so we must have some great food, right?

The last thing I want is crappy Mexican food from Taco Bell.  Besides you have to eat like 10 tacos or burritos there to get full.  I then remembered a great restaurant that was not far from us (near UNCC) that I hadn’t eaten at in years – because we moved from one side of Charlotte to another.  The restaurant was Monterrey.

Monterrey Authentic Mexican restaurant
1001 W.T. Harris Blvd. Ste. A
Charlotte, NC

I didn’t have a menu so we looked them up online and we found a blog post from someone that had put most of the main dishes from their menu in their post along with prices.  we decided to get the chicken fajitas for two dinner.  My wife ordered it and they told her it would be ready for me to pick up in 10 minutes.

When I got to the restaurant I was met by an overwhelmingly nice staff.  Everyone I met from the restaurant including the manager was extremely nice.  They were also nice to my young 5 year old son that I had along with me to0.  Inside everything was very nice and the restaurant looked a lot larger then I had remembered – maybe I’m getting older and my memory is playing tricks on me.

But regardless it was a very nice looking restaurant and definitely a nice place to take my wife and children out to eat.  There are other Mexican restaurants down in the South Boulevard area of Charlotte but they are nowhere near as clean and nice as Monterrey here on Harris Blvd.  

And when we got home and took the food out of the containers that they nicely packaged it in we found it to be some of the best Mexican food we have ever had. The chickens fajitas for two was actually enough to feed 3 or 4 people with. there was refried beans, Mexican rice, guacamole, salsa and more and lots of grilled chicken, onions, peppers and more.

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I was definitely impressed with this meal from Monterrey. It has been a long time since I have had Mexican food that was this good and Monterrey beats the hell out of Taco Bell any day. My wife is glad that I told her that we could do better than Taco Bell and we did far better! Taco Bell sucks. If you want real authentic Mexican food that tastes great then you need to try the Monterrey Mexican restaurant.

I will definitely be taking my family back there again and I also noticed that they had a one dollar children’s meals special on Sundays – I might have to check that out.

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