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Most popular reviews and complaints on ScreamingReviews for the month of January, 2011!

Top 10 reviews and complaints for January

Here are the top 10 reviews and complaints from our readers and contributors here on

1. Walgreens Big Flats beer and how it compares to toilet water – I for one have never had Walgreen’s new big Flats beer, so the comparison that will water here is solely done by this contributor and this post is actually took off with the fraternity crowd in places like New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Just take a look at the long list of comments.  Some people prefer to use the Big Flats beer as fertilizer for their plants.  This is a pretty interesting post in my opinion.

2. Big Lots polaroid touch mp3 player – This review was the leader for several months until it got overtaken by the Walgreens big Flats beer review.  This review of the Polaroid touch MP3 player is still very popular and receives several hundred hits every week.  A friend of mine has the Polaroid touched mp4 player and that’s really nice.  If someone would write up a review on that or a similar device we will be glad to post your review.

3. Kickass Torrents downloading website – If you like downloading things for free off the Internet you will definitely want to check out KickassTorrents.  According to our readers this is one of the top free torrent websites out there and it has the fewest viruses and other malware associated with their downloads.  But remember one thing – if you are going to download torrents you must have a safe and secure VPN – else you could find yourself being sued by the music or movie industries slimy attorneys.

4. American Models & Talent Competition (AMTC) scam – This one is really starting to take flight as this AMTC is turning out to be quite the scam.  Instead of charging the usual $500 for a regional convention like most modeling conventions do, AMTC takes it to a whole new light by charging $3500 for a party like event where the participants have basically actually no chance of ever becoming selected for anything.  Read this review and the comments associated with it.  And if you hear their radio ads do not go there as you are sure to be ripped off by their slimy coaches that still claim they are doing this for God and they use very high pressure sales tactics like pinning parents against their children – these people disgust me.

5. ADT security scam –  If you research ADT security on the Internet you will quickly find that they love to flout the law.  They have been sued in numerous states and been the subject of several class-action lawsuits.  All for bad billing practices, scammy and unethical behavior.  Definitely not a good company that I would want to associate myself with or do business with.  there are many other security companies out there like CPI and others that do not exhibit such scammy and illegal or shady behavior with their customers.

6. TorrentPrivacy VPN service – If you want to download music, movies and applications for free over the internet from torrent downloading services or websites then it is an absolute must nowadays to be completely anonymous and the only way to do that the Internet is with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and there is no better or easier to use VPN than TorrentPrivacy.  If you like to download torrents then you MUST read this review.  Plus there is a link for 50% off of the service for ScreamingReview readers!

7. Fake Rolex watches on Craigslist – If there’s one piece of advice I can give you is that you do not buy expensive items like Rolex watches from flea markets or online classifieds like Craigslist.  nine times out of 10 the item being sold is a fake and it’s being advertised or marketed as the real deal by some shady individual.  They do this through craigslist because they can use his cell phone number which is untraceable to most people and they will never get caught.  It is up to you the buyer to be wary and to make sure you have items like Rolex watches thoroughly checked out by an expert prior to forking over the cash.  My advice here is if you want to check out or buy a Rolex watch through Craigslist have the buyer meet you at a jewelry store that you trust.  There you can immediately have the watch checked out to make sure it’s legit and not a fake.

8. Southern Resources scrap metal review – Apparently, according to this complainant, Southern Resources pays a lot less than other area scrap metal recyclers do.  This is where it’s good to know other people in the business and to also shop your wares around.  Yes, it can be kind of hard to to lug around a ton of metal to various scrapyards.  This is where it definitely pays to know other people in the business and to also know what the current market value is of the metals that you’re recycling so that you do not get ripped off are underpaid.

9. New Light headlight restoration kit review – We’ve received in the past two weeks quite a few e-mails from readers that have used this headlight restoration kit and achieved great success with their car’s headlight lenses.  According to fantasyfootballguru used this kit and his headlights look new now.  If the product costs $15 and you can have results like they did for the contributor of the review then by all means it’s definitely worth every penny of it – I had to buy new headlights for my Dodge Durango to pass inspection and they cost me around $450 at the dealer.  So, $15 is a huge savings any day of the week.

10. TC3 Tompkins Cortland Community College review – Wow, I don’t think I can even describe or do this review justice.  You just have to read this one to believe it.  Wow.

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