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Top 10 reviews

Here are the most popular posts and reviews for last month (March 2011)!

1. Phoenix Night Club Charlotte NC – We finally have a new review that has dethroned the long standing most popular review of all time on the website (the Wallgreens Big Flats Beer review). Phoenix is a new and quite popular night club in Charlotte NC and has taken over the building that used to be the crown jewel nightclub in Charlotte – Forum. I wonder if Phoenix is packed with undercover Charlotte police like Charlotte or Mythos was – they were always going around asking people if they could get or buy ecstacy for them.

2. Walgreens Big Flats beer review – This review was the king for so long and you can see why – just look at all the comments and responses. Some of them are quite funny as they compare it to drinking urine or puddle water – ouch. I don’t know as I don’t drink Big Flats beer and nor do I go to Walgreens. I prefer Michelob original lager myself for a good, cheap, regular beer.

3. Big Lots touch mp3 player – This is an older post, but it is still just as popular as when it was new. Apparently a lot of people like to read the reviews on the Big Lots touch mp3 player. I just bought a Ipod touch and have found that it isn’t all that.

4. KickassTorrents torrent downloading website – If you’re into downloading movies or music for free over the Internet then I am sure you have probably already heard of KickassTorrents. According to our readers they are of the best torrent downloading websites that you will find. They aren’t so big that they are chock full of viruses and malware yet plus they have quite the selection. Basically they have all the newest movies and very cool song or game you could want. Be sure and use a good VPN like TorrentPrivacy when downloading so you don’t get a letter from the copyright attorneys requesting a few thousand dollars for your violating their clients IP (Intellectual Property) rights.

5. Republic Night club review – Here is another new nightclub from Charlotte NC and it is a new entrant to our most popular posts in its first month! I’m not sure if it will get up near the range of Phoenix, but you never know. Maybe they are more popular because the undercover brothers and sisters (yes, the Charlotte police have undercover women too) aren’t at this nightclub yet? Or maybe its because they are more lax on IDs and there are quite a few patrons inside that are not 21 and are being served alcohol?

6. Demarini Vexxum baseball bat review – This bat is sounding to be quite popular with baseball fanatics. You see what I played baseball we played with wooden bats like the Louisville Slugger. We didn’t have fancy equipment, just a glove, a bat and a baseball. Everything has changed now and the sport has become very competitive. I still think they need to add some more excitement to the game like making more fights mandatory. Maybe they could add some hills and holes in the outfield to make things more interesting.

7. BTJunkie torrent downloading website review – BTJunkie is the largest torrent downloading website in the world. They have just about everything you could want to download available on their website. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better because there are lots of viruses and malware on there. Hackers and other unscrupulous individuals mainly target BTJunkie and The Pirate Bay to catch their victims. Be careful on there and be sure and use a Great VPN like TorrentPrivacy. Don’t be stupid and get caught downloading without a VPN.

8. TorrentPrivacy VPN reviewTorrentPrivacy is the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can get in my opinion. It is cheap, easy to use and iron clad. Unlike most VPNs TorrentPrivacy is what you might call fool proof. What that means is that you don’t need to have any significant computing skills or be a nerd to use it. You just go to their website and follow the ridiculously easy set up. Then you are set to go and can download anything you want and be completely 100% anonymous – unlike with other VPNs which just reroute you (you can still be traced), TorrentPrivacy also uses an anonymous bittorrent client so you are completely invisible – no one on the internet knows you even exist! Remember, be safe and don’t download without a great VPN like TorrentPrivacy – ever!

9. and a review of their headlight restoration kit – Our readers love this auto restoration treatment. It takes cloudy headlights and chemically restores them to new again. I get emails every day from people saying how great this kit has worked for them and their great experiences. Please put those and other comments and reviews on the website and enter them in through the submit a review button on the top right of every webpage so we can post them to the site for everyone top read. Again, MDWholesale definitely did something right with this headlight kit – our readers love it!

10. TD Bank complaint – and then the last of our most popular reviews is a complaint about a bank – go figure. Apparently they like to charge lots of ridiculous fees. I hate it when banks do that. Years ago I found that Bank of America was charging me $20 per month for over a year and when I called them about it no one could find out why. I hate corrupt and shady banks.

So there you have it, the top 10 most popular posts for March 2011. Be sure and enter your complaints and reviews so you can make this list and make a difference. No other consumer reporting website has the trust and quality of We will only post true complaints and reviews. Trust your opinions, reviews, complaints, etc… to the best consumer reporting website on the internet –!

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