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Music rights group Sacem, RIAA and others complaint – they are diving to all new lows now!

Music rights group Sacem, RIAA and others complaint
Music rights groups like the RIAA and especially SACEM are going to ridiculous, unethical and possibly illegal lengths now to enforce their clients rights.

Can you believe the steps that the RIAA and related music rights group SACEM have gone to? They are literally trying to financially destroy people that they can’t even prove had any personal involvement in downloading their clients music.

Seriously, just look at this post on Torrent Freak where they are going after the guys last and final personal assets (his coffee table, wooden shelf, etc…) It doesn’t get any more pathetic then that. SACEM may be trying to send a message, but it is clearly the wrong one.

This guy (Blacklistef as he is known as) was also thrown in jail like a hardened criminal just because he had a website that had the keyword “torrent” in its name. He did not personally download any of this music nor did he post the download links. According to the latest news on this all he did was create a forum which other people used to pass links and such for torrents on.

Here in the US we have the Communications Decency Act (or CDA as most people refer to it as) which protects website owners from liability for third party comments, posts, etc… Apparently in France they don’t have that. This is ridiculous and needs to stop. Don’t they understand that hackers and downloaders have one thing in common? They first watch bits of the movie or music in a free, usually low quality download. Then if they like it they go out and buy it. It is a confirmed fact that music pirates buy more music and CDs then anyone else.

So these measures by the RIAA and SACEM are counterproductive. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy that the pirates are buying more and more music. They take a free peak and then buy what they like. Oh, but the real answer here is that the RIAA, SACEM and the individual artists and music rights owners want cash. They think that by penalizing the downloaders that they can turn these recession years of hard times around.

They even have music artists on the trail now (like dumbass Scott Ian – the heavily tattooed guitarist for Anthrax) all that will happen is that their music, in retaliation, will get downloaded more. Maybe artists like Scott Ian are doing this because their sales are down as their music has lost its initial oomph over the years. I have listened to Anthrax and they aren’t anywhere as near as good as they used to be – maybe instead of going after pirates they should spend more effort on writing better music.

Bottomline – The music industry is full of change. New music niches are always coming about and change is ever present. Don’t go after your best buyers (pirates and downloaders). Also, stop abusing the legal process in going after those that haven’t even downloaded your music and have only created a forum where others can speak freely about downloading, etc… Freedom of speech should be allowed everywhere. Even in France.

Leave Blacklistef alone (the guy they are trying to take his furniture from at the start of this post) as that is ridiculous and all you are going to do is set all his friends and millions of pirates and hackers on the internet after you. Many more will get wise to what you are doing and start using VPN services and anonymity to download your clients music, movies and more. Stop beating a dead horse – the only loser here in this battle in both the near and distant future is the music rights groups SACEM and RIAA and others.

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