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National Club Baseball Association Review – this college baseball league provides an avenue for players to continue playing baseball at a high level

The NCBA provides a great opportunity for college students to continue to play baseball at a high level.

This is my first year of college and I was a bit disappointed that I was not going to be playing baseball anymore after high school. I always enjoyed playing, especially in high school, but I get the opportunity to play collegiate baseball in the NCAA.

The school I went to offered club baseball, but I knew very little about it, and assumed it was more like an intramural team. However, I decided to check it out to see what they had to offer. There was an interest meeting on campus, so I headed over.

There was a lot of people at this meeting, and looked like there was significant interest in playing for this team on campus. The president of the team stood up in front of the room and talked to us about what club baseball is and mentioned that they play in a league called the National Club Baseball Association, or the NCBA.

The way it was described in the meeting was that it was a very competitive league that played teams from all over to compete to play in the club baseball world series. I had no idea this existed, but I was very interested in finding out more about the team at my school and the league in general.

I showed up to practice the following week and there was a very good turnout. As practice progressed I noticed that there was a very good variety of talented baseball players, and looked like players that could have even played for college or junior college teams.

After speaking with a few of the guys on the team from previous years, they talked about how they used to played college ball at nearby locations, but decided to transfer here to focus on their grades or change majors. I was very impressed with all this. This was a great opportunity for me to continue to play baseball after high school at a competitive level.

This all sounded nice, but I wanted to see how the competition was in the games. We played a weekend series against UNC Charlotte and I was very impressed with the level of play. Both teams played at high level, and the pitchers threw in the mid 80’s for the most part. Definitely no bums out there on the mound.

We are now halfway through our spring season and it has been a wonderful experience. I find myself looking forward to every weekend when we get to play three games. The National Club Baseball Association has given me and hundreds of other college students a great opportunity to continue to play baseball. For anyone that played baseball in high school and don’t want the full time commitment of a collegiate program, I would definitely say club baseball is the way to go.

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