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NBC olympics complaint – WTF – its all old news!

What I can’t stand is the fact that this year’s Olympics are being broadcast by NBC not live but 6 to 8 hours after the fact. What that means is when I’m watching Michael Phelps or any of the other US Olympians compete I am not seeing live coverage. It’s like watching a rerun. When I watch it the news already knows who has won the medals hours before. That is just not right.

NBC’s showing of the Olympics like this is in very poor taste. It makes me not even want to watch it because I ready know the outcome and so does everyone else. It would be far more fun to watch Michael Phelps win a medal live. Maybe the reason for this is to make sure more people attend the games live in London? or maybe it’s because they want to put the more popular Olympic events on at hours where more people watch it – that is most likely the main culprit here.

London 2012 Olympics
The London 2012 Olympic games coverage by NBC is far from being live and I am disgusted by it.

It’s all about profits. It’s not about what’s right for the viewing audience. So what have I done in retaliation? I stopped watching the Olympics altogether. And maybe you should do this to and if enough people do this they would be forced to change the way they show the coverage of the Olympic games at future events. I now get my fill of who won and did what in the newspaper in the morning or from Google news.

It’s a shame what commercialism, gross profits and blatant greed have done to things as seemingly innocent as the Olympics. it’s all about ratings profits and similar. Another thing I have a problem with is the number of similar events that they have in swimming versus anything else. this is why Michael Phelps can become the greatest with more Olympic medals than any other athlete. It’s not exactly fair. They should cut back on the number of events in swimming and add to events in other areas.

So, until things change like the fact that the Olympics are not shown live or even close to it and the fact that Olympic swimming is just completely unfair to the other sports, I will not be watching or participating in any of the future Olympic Games. I will also not respect any wins or similar. The Olympic Games are unfair, profit driven and full of cheating – just look at all the recent athlets that were disqualified in badminton. To me the Olympics is a complete waste of time.

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