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NCO Debt Collection agency complaint – illegal and unethical business practices – they think they are above the law!

NCO Debt Collection agency complaint
I have been harassed by the collection agents at NCO debt collection agency for months and I do not owe any debts!

I have been receiving phone calls each and  every day from NCO Debt Collection Agency for a debt I know nothing about.  They have said a judgment has been entered against me but again, I know nothing about it.  Nor was I ever notified about any legal action or a court date.  Don’t you have to be legally notified of a court date prior to someone being able to receive a judgement against you?

I have requested a confirmation of the debt and  a copy of the credit card application to verify my signature and a copy of the summons, again to verify my signature that I did in fact receive it. I do not recall signing for a credit card nor signing for a registered letter pertaining to a law suit.  The staff at NCO Debt collection agency are refusing to send me this information.

I believe I have a right to this information.  I think it is also the law that they send this information within a certain number of days once it is requested and if they cannot produce the info then they must stop all collection actions.  How or why should I commit to paying a bill I do not believe I owe?  They have said I could settle the bill, (pay it) and then they would send me the requested information.

This is hogwash.  Why on earth would I pay them what they say is owed when I never incurred these debts in the first place.  Their collection agents are a real class act also – they raise their voice and practically yell at me telling me that I am a deadbeat and that they are going to publish that information on billboards in my town.  I am quite sure that is illegal.

One has started calling my 85 year old mother in New York every day just to pester her. He specifically told me he wouldn’t stop calling her until the debt was paid in full.  That is plain and simple harassment.   These collection agents at NCO are driving me crazy and don’t care about the law.

I recently read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and it seems that NCO and their collection agents have violated just about every part of it.  They have called my mother daily for the sole purpose of harassment.  They have yelled at me and threatened me.  They have threatened to make public these debts which I don’t even owe in the first place.

They won’t send me proof of anything – bills, court papers, etc…  They have even claimed that they are going to throw me in jail and throw away the key.  It’s ridiculous.  I plan on finding an address for NCO headquarters  to write them a letter and make sure they are aware of the illegal and harassing behavior of their collection agents but realize without pertinent info such as a customer number or client number it may not be of any use.  I will send it by certified mail to insure they have received it.

If that doesn’t work then I guess I will have to get my friend who is an attorney involved.

Thank you for allowing me to share my complaint.

2 thoughts on “NCO Debt Collection agency complaint – illegal and unethical business practices – they think they are above the law!

  1. If they are behaving illegally then get an attorney and sue them or file a complaint with the FTC ( and that will stop them dead in their tracks.

  2. You are correct about violations of the FDCPA. NCO is one of the worst offenders and it seems they have hit almost every violation out there. The FDCPA entitles you to bring a private suit against NCO in addition to any complaints filed with the state. You could be entitled to money damages, free legal help and the calls will finally stop!

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