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New Lite headlight restoration kit review – this headlight cleaning product from is great for restoring cloudy and ugly headlights!

New Lite headlight restoration kit review
I bought the New Lite headlight restoration kit from and was simply amazed at the results on my Ford Mustang!

My name is Michael and I own a 2000 V6 Ford Mustang coupe. I love my car and take great care of it as you can tell from the picture. Ever since I was little I had always wanted a sporty Ford Mustang. So I worked hard and saved up for it. Eventually I was able to buy the car of my dreams.

There was just one thing about my Ford Mustang that drove me nuts. It was the fact that the plastic headlight lenses would become cloudy and ugly. To fix this I had to go back to the Ford car dealership here in St. Louis and buy a new pair of headlight lenses and have them installed.

This was rather expensive as it cost almost $1000 for both headlight lenses and to have them properly installed by the mechanics there. I did this one time and guess what happened? about two years later the headlight lenses started to get cloudy and ugly again. I began to ask myself if this was something that I was going to have to fix or repair every few years.

If it was that was going to be ridiculously expensive – I had to save up for years just to afford a basic V6 Ford Mustang coupe. Then I had to scrape by to afford the car insurance (I am in my early twenties and I have to carry collision so my car insurance is rather high). There’s no way that I could afford to own this car, pay for the expensive car insurance and then have to replace both headlight lenses every two or three years at a cost of almost $1000. That just wasn’t doable or an option.

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As I said I had replaced the headlight lenses one time figuring it was just a bad pair of headlight lenses or that maybe there was something wrong with them when they were made. But it was appearing to be an ongoing thing and when I did a little research on the Internet I found that this was very common with all recent models of the Ford Mustang.

Apparently, from what I found out, the headlight lenses are plastic and they easily oxidize from exposure to the sun and the elements. Once this oxidation starts it turns the headlight lenses cloudy and makes them look ugly. what I did not know was that this condition is also dangerous because it limits the amount of light output when you’re driving at night. The more cloudy than headlight lenses are the worse the condition is and the more dangerous it becomes.

At several forums the readers and contributors recommended a product to me, the New Lite headlight restoration kit from I had never heard of this product before, but it sounded very good from what they were telling me that it could save me a ton of money ($15 or so) and restore my headlight lenses to new again. Maybe this was the product that I needed to save myself from having to buy a new pair of headlight lenses for my Ford Mustang at a cost of almost $1000 every two or three years.

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So I visited the website and decided to give it a try. One week later I received the New Lite headlight restoration kit and put it to work. In case it didn’t work I just tried a small area of the right headlight lens first. Within a few minutes that part of the headlight lens that I applied the chemicals in the kit to looked absolutely brand-new just like the ones at my car dealer’s parts department.

Seeing this, I went and treated the rest of that headlight lens and the other one on my Ford Mustang. When I was done I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was unbelievable that a product that was $15 or so was able to fully restore my cars headlight lenses from cloudy and ugly two brand-new condition in a matter of minutes. All the while saving me a ton of money over new replacement headlights.

If you have a Ford Mustang coupe like mine and are having problems with cloudy and ugly headlights like I have been then you definitely need to go and get this headlight cleaner and restoration product for $15 or so from – it will be the best $15 you’ve ever spent on your vehicle – I guarantee it!

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One thought on “New Lite headlight restoration kit review – this headlight cleaning product from is great for restoring cloudy and ugly headlights!

  1. I bought this same kit as a gift for my boyfriend and he used it to restore the headlights on his Ford F-150 truck and on my Dodge Neon. The kit had enough ingredients to treat the headlight lenses on both vehicles and the headlights look good as new! Great product and great results – I definitely recommend them!

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