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NFL Mobile Review – you are limited to the NFL games you can watch on the Verizon Droid

I wasn't very impressed by the NFL Mobile Application

I have been doing a lot of traveling for business and I am an avid NFL fan. I like to watch my favorite team (the New York Jets), but it can be difficult to do on the go all the time. I recently got a Verizon Droid phone and heard about the NFL Mobile Application to watch the games.

With a big matchup this week against the Bears I wanted to watch the game. I signed up for Verizon V-Cast for the day so I could watch the game. It costs only $3 for a day or $10 a month. I elected to get it for the day.

It was still a little early for the game to start so I was able to watch the NFL pregame show. Once kickoff came I went to try to watch the game on the phone. However, I could only find the option to listen to the game radio broadcast.

This was a bit disappointing considering I paid for something I didn’t really get. Regardless I listened to game via the radio broadcast, which came in very clear. I was pleased with that part of the NFL Mobile Application.

After I listened to the game I played around a little bit more with the application. I noticed that they offered the “Red Zone” channel to watch on the phone. It showed all the touchdowns and clips from various games in live time. I thought that was pretty nice, but would much rather be able to watch a single game in its entirety.

I scrolled to the bottom and found the Sunday Night Football game with a TV square in the top right corner of the game box. It was different from all the other games. I looked it up in the key and found that I would be able to watch that game live on my phone when it was on later on that night.

I was a little more pleased knowing I could watch at least some game on the NFL Mobile Application. From now on if I want to watch the game on my phone I know that I’ll have to wait for my team to play on Sunday Night Football.

This application and advertisements for it are very misleading. Though it did have some nice features it didn’t serve all of my needs as far as replacing watching football on TV. I would recommend it maybe if you are on a long road trip and want to listen to your team on the radio. I wouldn’t recommend paying for it if you intend to watch live games on there.

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