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Nike Lebron James X sneakers to run $315 – WTF, is Nike crazy as most families cannot afford $300 sneakers for their kids!?

Lebron James sneakers

If you haven’t already heard Nike is coming out with the 10th edition of Lebron James’s shoe – the Nike Lebron James X. It looks neat and cool, but the price is going to be around $315! Air Jordan’s which are considered the elite basketball sneaker are now running $165. Air Jordan shoes are far more popular and desirable then anything with Lebron James’s name attached to it. So why the $315 price tag?

Remember, Michael Jordan was and will pretty much always be the best the NBA has ever had as far as for players. Lebron James is no Michael Jordan. He doesn’t even come close. He is a decent player and upper-level and caliber of maybe a little under Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson in his prime was better and more valuable a player then Lebron James. Larry Bird was also a far better and more valuable player. So was Dr. J (Julius Erving). Yet, somehow they think at Nike that they can charge $315 for a pair of Lebron James sneakers.

The sneakers are supposedly a little bit nicer than the current year’s Air Jordan’s because they come with motion sensors that can measure how high the wearer’s vertical leap is. I am not going to pay $315 so I can get a rough estimate as to how high I can jump. I can get that for free by jumping next to a wall and marking the wall with my foot at the top of my jump and then measuring that. I am sure that I will be far more accurate then a pair of shoes with motion sensors.

Motion sensors can be to sensitive and can misread things. I know this as I have motion sensors all around my house and there are ways to get by it (moving super slow, rainy nights, etc…) I am sure that they didn’t install the best technology in these shoes and so therefore it would be a very rough estimate at best. And I am certainly not going to pay $315 for a pair of sneakers with crappy electronics in them.

The way we used to measure how high one’s vertical leap was back in high school is that we had plastic tags attached to a vertical pole of different colors. Each of the colored tags was 1/2 inch in height. First you stood next to the pole and reaching as high as you can flip the tags until you couldn’t reach them anymore. That height was then recorded as the initial pre-jump height. Next, the same individual jumps as high as they can reaching as far up as possible and pushing or flipping the tags as high upward as possible.

We would do this several times and take the best result. The standing height was then subtracted from the jumping height and the result was your jumping height. This method is highly accurate and is still in use by basketball teams at many high schools and colleges today. There is no need for $315 basketball sneakers to jump higher or farther. Also these $315 Lebron James sneakers will not make anyone a better baller or basketball player. Practice is the only thing that makes one a better player.

Ask Michael Jordan (whom is and was a far better basketball player then Lebron James) and he will tell you it wasn’t the shoes that made him the best basketball player in the world and of all time. It was practice and determination equipped with a very low body fat percentage and good genetics. In Michael Jordan’s junior year in high school he tried out for the basketball team and was cut. He didn’t give up, however. Instead, he practiced harder and in his senior year he not only made the varsity basketball team, but he also became the best high school player in the nation and the rest became history.

Michael Jordan did not do that wearing $100 or more expensive shoes. He just wore average basketball shoes that anyone could buy for $25-$40 back then and which would equate to maybe $60 today. When I grew up I saw a high school teenager get shot and killed for his Starter jacket. Back then starter jackets when they first came out were expensive and now you can buy them dirt cheap at Wal-Mart. kids are getting mugged and robbed for their Nike Air Jordans and now soon for their Lebron James sneakers. Is it worth it?

In my opinion absolutely not. If you have to buy $315 or even $200 sneakers to impress your friends then you are picking the wrong friends. These expensive sneakers will not make you any better at basketball or any other sport. It’s not like swimming where a new suit can reduce friction and increase a swimmer’s speed (I think these suits used in the Olympics should be banned for that reason). These expensive basketball sneakers are not worth their price.

In this day and age, NBA basketball players like Lebron James are getting paid way too much money and these way overpriced shoes are just another related tragedy – don’t buy them. If everyone stopped buying these outrageously overpriced shoes the prices would come down – way down. You can go to Ross, Marshall’s or even TJMaxx and get a decent pair of basketball sneakers for under $50. You can also go online and buy them off of someone at Ebay for less, but on Ebay you have to watch out for knockoffs.

It is very common for sellers on Ebay to buy copies made in China. These will be inferior in quality and will not last very long. They also only cost around $20 to buy the knockoffs directly from China (and that includes shipping costs to the USA). There will be knockoffs shortly of the Lebron James sneakers. If you must buy them for the look, then get a cheap pair of knockoffs, but don’t shell out $315 for a pair – they plain and simply aren’t worth $100 let alone $315.

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