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Nike Shox Complaint – I have had my Nike Shox for only 2 weeks and the soles are falling off

My Nike Shox fell apart after only two weeks of owning them

It had been since I bought a new pair of shoes and my old ones had seen better days. I usually don’t splurge and buy fancy shoes that tend to be a bit pricey. However I got a raise at work and decided to get a pair of Nike Shox because I liked the way they looked.

I went to Finish Line to check out what different kinds of shoes and more specifically Nike Shox they had. I found a dark blue and orange pair of Nike Shox I really liked so I decided to try them on. They fit really well, and I liked the way they felt on my feet so I decided to get them even though they were a little pricey at about $120.

I wore these shoes out and about during my personal time away from work. I wouldn’t say I did anything strenuous while wearing these shoes. I did errands. took care of some problems around the house, and went out to the local bars with my friends in them. Nothing too crazy.

After only about 2 weeks of wearing these shoes I noticed that the front sole on my right foot was starting to peal off. I was little trouble by this since I had just gotten them and spent a fair amount of money on these Nike Shox.

The more I wore the shoes the worse it got. It got to the point where litterally half of my sole was hanging off my shoe. I was very disappointed with my Nike Shox. I tried to take them back to Finish Line and they refused to refund my money or exchange my shoes. I tried to explain how I just got these and they shouldn’t be falling apart like this, but they didn’t seem to car.

I would definitely not recommend buying any pairs of Nike Shox. They might be stylish shoes but their durability is terrible. What is even worse is that they won’t even acknowledge their poor quality and replace the Nike Shox. I will definitely be buying a different brand of shoe next time I need to sneakers.

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