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North Carolina and medical marijuana – it’s about time that politicians see the light that cannabis is not the dangerous drug it has been mislabeled as.

North Carolina and medical marijuana
North Carolina now has NC hb577 the medical marijuana bill in process. Get involved. Contact your state representatives and governor to ensure the bill becomes law!

If you are over the age of 18 then you have probably at least tried smoking pot by now.  If not the odds are that you will soon.  Is it that bad?  After one smokes or eats pot (as some prefer to do) they feel elation and relaxation for a small period of time like 30 minutes to a few hours (usually the longer lengths of time are experienced with eating marijuana rather then smoking it).

No one that gets high ever goes out and gets in a fight or gets mad like the misleading government ads back in the 50’s to the 70’s showed us.  The government has misled us for over half a century when in reality the real culprit is alcohol and other drugs.  tens of thousands of people die each and every year from alcohol related car crashes and accidents – not one dies from marijuana use.

Alcohol has all sorts of side effects and little to no beneficial properties.  Marijuana is the complete opposite – it is proven to be anti-tumeric.  Marijuana in hundreds of experiments and tests have shown time after time that it is the most effective drug against all forms of cancer.  Most recently a two-year old in the United States with a brain tumor and little hope for survival was treated with marijuana and cured of their cancer!

This is all factual and there is tons of evidence to back it up.  finally the government in certain states is starting to see the light and is allowing the passage of medical marijuana bills and laws.  None of these states has totally made marijuana legal for everybody.  It is just on a medical needs basis.  One of the latest states to finally see the light could and most likely will be North Carolina.  as of right now there are over nine representatives in North Carolina backing the passage of NC hb577 – the medical marijuana bill.

This bill will make marijuana legally available to people with serious health problems and pain.  for these people marijuana could possibly be the best medicine available for them.  It has no side effects and cures and slows down the growth of cancer.  There are many healthful properties associated with marijuana and it is a sin to keep this great medicine from those that need it.  Instead we have pushed all sorts of highly toxic drugs on them that have many terrible side effects – liver damage, brain damage, heart and coronary disease, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, skin conditions, loss of hair, urinary problems, etc…

So, It is undeniable that marijuana is a miracle drug.  God didn’t put marijuana here to hurt people. He put it here as a natural cure for many diseases including the most malignant cancers (like malignant melanoma, nodular melanoma, etc…)  Yet, there is one NC state representative named Marilyn Avila representing Wake county that has already decided to oppose this bill.  What blows my mind is that her back ground is a former chemist and business owner.

As a chemist she should know that marijuana has many healthy properties and can easily help many people stricken with all sorts of ailments from MS to cancer to leukemia, AIDS, lung disease, heart disease and more.  The only sane theory she could have is that her supporters are from big pharma (the original culprits behind the ban or prohibition on marijuana).  See, the big pharmaceutical companies could not compete with marijuana.  Why would somone buy aspirin or ibuprofen in later years when they could just roll a joint and smoke it or eat some THC laced cookies or brownies?

Worse for big pharma was the fact that marijuana could easily be grown anywhere in the United States.  It can be grown outside or in and in virtually any climate.  This was holding back their sales so big pharmaceutical companies paid millions to lobbyists and put billions in the campaign coffers of politicians from congress, to the house of representatives and even the White House.  They didn’t care that what they were doing was wrong.  All they cared about was profits.

I can’t see how in this day and age NC Rep. Marilyn Avila could possibly be opposed to the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes and for those with acute pain, serious diseases, etc…  Please, everyone out there (even if you are not from North Carolina or Wake county) take a moment to contact Rep. Marilyn Avila and inform her that her choice is against what is good for the people of North Carolina and elsewhere.

Here is Rep. Marilyn Avila’s contact information:

Rep. Marilyn Avila
NC House of Representatives
16 W. Jones Street, Room 2217
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

Other address:
11312 Derby Lane, Raleigh, NC 27613

Her will is definitely not the will or desire of the people of North Carolina. We want medical marijuana made legal for those that have serious medical conditions and need it. If you are like me and you back the idea of making medical marijuana legal please take the time to write to the state representatives and Governor and tell them that it needs to be made legal and that you want NC hb577 passed and made into law.

Even if you are not from North Carolina get involved – the more states and people that get involved the more likely other states will follow suit. Look at what has already happened – California was the first and now we have quite a few states that have passed medical marijuana laws from Oregon to Maine. If your state has already passed the medical marijuana laws – great, now take a moment to help others in states like North Carolina, New York, etc…

It will take all of us to get these laws legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes passed. Please do your part and get involved. Help increase the quality of life for the critically ill and those with acute pain and other related medical conditions. Please, get involved. Thank you for your time and I will do my part – please do yours and help us get this bill passed in North Carolina.

5 thoughts on “North Carolina and medical marijuana – it’s about time that politicians see the light that cannabis is not the dangerous drug it has been mislabeled as.

  1. I looked up a picture of that NC rep that is opposing the hb577 and she looks like a cross between a prude and a crack whore. She looks like a complete bitch. Tell everyone to stop voting for her until she changes her stupid opinions on medical marijuana laws. I live in Wake county and I can assure you that I will not vote for her in the future and neither will anyone that I know (I have hundreds of friends that live here). I am going to tell everyone here in Wake county to not vote for her. Lets see if the idea that she is going to lose thousands of votes on this issue immediately just from me, my friends and everyone I come into contact with in Wake county (her voting area) will change her stance – I can pretty much guarantee she won’t get voted back in. Here in Wake county a few hundred votes can easily determine the winner of an election. I can guarantee that at least a thousand or more people will not be voting for her. I think it’s wrong that a prude like Rep. Marilyn Avila can make a decision to withold helpful medicine from the sick. She is a sick and demented person and I am going to make sure every voting adult here in Wake county knows of her views and opinions and make sure they don’t vote for her ever again! I will send her crawling back to the rock she crawled out from under!

  2. I am all for the legalization of marijuana – especially medical marijuana. I will be sure and contact this Mrs. Avila and be sure she knows I am a voter from her county and that I do not agree with her position on this. I will also tell everyone here at Duke University to get involved so this bill gets passed. NC is going to be green if its the last thing I do!

  3. I agree, NC should legalize marijuana for all – it cures cancer, no one dies from it and there is no reason not to legalize it.

  4. I agree, NC should legalize marijuana for all who has major injuries such as me because im not a person who likes to take pills to get rid of my pain.I was hit by a car when i was the age of two and im now nineteen and i hate pain pills so i decided to try marijuana when i was young because it helped me with my headaches and i couldn’t eat eaither healthy without smoking.There should be no problem with legalizing marijuana.

  5. I am from Durham and am all for medical marijuana. Actually I think all states should legalize marijuana and criminalize tobacco. Millions of people die from tobacco and it has no medicinal properties or health benefits. The opposite is true with pot. Marijuana has numerous health benefits and no one has ever died from using it. Here is a link to a great website where you can track all the laws and states that have either passed or have pending legislation to pass medical marijuana:

    Get active and do your part to make sure every state has legalized medical marijuana!

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