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North Korea, Kim Jong Un and proof there really is someone out there for everyone.

We all know (or at least those of us that read and/or watch the news) that North Korean leader and scumbag Kim Jung Il died and has been replaced by his son Kim Jong Un. Lately, news has been released that he has gotten married to a woman that, albeit, is not the prettiest out there by today’s standards, she is leagues above the super ugly Kim Jong Un (whom I heard from a very reliable source was a closet pedophile). If it weren’t for the fact that Kim Jong Un and his father ran such a harsh rule over North Korea (everyone must sing praises and such of their esteemed leader and dumbass Kim Jong Il and now Kim Jong Un – whom looks like a fucken idiot) there’s no way anyone outside of maybe RuPaul would be interested.

The only reason why I say or mention RuPaul is because Kim Jong Un is so ugly he looks like a drag queen that was in a bad DWI accident (actually he looks like some of the rejects on the national child offender registry – he really looks like a friggin pedophile). Maybe a better description is more in line here like his father mated with a hippopotamus? And what is with that hair? His haircut looks like one given to bad red neck kids by their inbred relatives for punishment for getting caught having sex with the neighbors dog. His haircut, I’m sorry, but it looks like shit – pure and simple. How does he think anyone can take his fat self seriously? I feel sorry for his new wife, Ri Sol-Ju.

the ugly North Korean leader and dumbass Kim Jong Un.

Seriously, I feel sorry for her, because you couldn’t pay me enough money to see that fat fucker naked. That would just make me want to hurl. Ri Sol-Ju, looks to be more manly then the fat Kim Jong Un (apparently pictures I have seen on the internet make her out to be a hottie when she was younger, but she plumped up a little and looks more like an average asian now). Maybe she will be the male voice in the new leadership of North Korea? I don’t know, but if I lived there I would have left long ago. Kim Jung Un needs to go on a diet and a big one at that. Maybe he got hungry and ate his father? Maybe thats why his father mysteriously died and it wasn’t announced to the world right away.

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They just didn’t know how to respond to that one. Seriously, someone send over a hairstylist and the crew from America’s Biggest Loser. Else, it looks as if North Korea has the Pillsbury Doughboy as their new leader. No one will take them seriously, but then again it is north korea and no one has ever taken them seriously. They are like Screech, they claim this and blah, blah, blah that, but when push comes to shove they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

Kim Jung Un and wife
Here is the ugly Kim Jong Un and his wife whom could have done far better… It’s sad she had to sell her self short and marry the North Korean Pillsbury Doughboy…

Now with this goofy looking moron, Kim Jong Un, as their new leader maybe China or someone similar will put him out of his misery and find a reason to declare war on these morons and take their country and power away. The citizens of North Korea would be far better off under almost any other countries rule (even China, India or Vietnam). And whats this crap about refrigerators for winners and labor camp for losers in the Olympic games?

First off, with fat fuckers like Kim Jong Un there is no need for anymore refrigerators in North Korea. The citizens over there need to wake up and get together and overthrow that fat fucker and his pathetic limp dick government. They literally couldn’t fight their way out of a paperbag. Someone (China, Japan, India, etc…) please attack North Korea and give the government back to the people. Its about time. Their people have suffered and this leadership by tyrants with tiny penises needs to end.

If I were them I would help over throw the government, take down all statues related to any or either of the Kim jong morons and then dig up Kim Jong Il’s body and bury it in a pile of the smelliest cow manure where it belongs. The man was a criminal and a complete scumbag for what he has done to the people of North Korea. I would also use a VPN so I could get uncensored news and such if I lived there.

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