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NorthWestPharmacy and saving big money by buying your prescriptions and medicine online from Canada!

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It’s amazing that most people don’t know that you can actually go and buy your prescriptions and medicines online. And you can safely use by buying it from pharmacies in Canada and elsewhere. This is because the governments in countries like Canada mandate certain pricing criteria medicines and prescriptions which affects the amount that they can actually be sold for. Hence you can easily save 50% or more on just about any prescription drug or medicine just by buying it from a trustworthy pharmacy in Canada versus buying it in the US.

Now there are some people saying it’s not safe and that they US pharmacies are more regulated. That’s absolute hogwash because actually Canadian pharmacies have more regulations than their US counterparts. Now if you were to go and buy from a pharmacy online that might be from Nigeria or some other place I would be very wary of that and I probably would not venture into doing business with that pharmacy.

But at the request of some of the readers here we decided to look into several pharmacies from Canada and shop them around for pricing and then we used them to fill several prescriptions. The best of these was by far Their prices were generally 15 to 20% less than the other Canadian pharmacies that were selling prescription drugs online to US customers. Plus even with their shipping prices they were still far cheaper.

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NorthWestPharmacy, for the medicines that we ordered charged a $9-$10 shipping fee. Now is important to note that all of the Canadian pharmacies that we dealt with were reliable and provided the correct prescription drugs and in a timely manner. It’s just that NorthWestPharmacy provided the lowest price, the quickest service and the best customer service out of all of the Canadian pharmacies that we dealt with.

Now all of these pharmacies did require for prescription drugs that a actual prescription from your doctor be mailed to them. accepted scanned copies of these prescriptions. They then verified these prescriptions by calling our doctor to make sure the prescriptions were valid. This goes for all the trustworthy pharmacies out there. If you go online and find a pharmacy that does not require your prescription for a drug that is only available in the US as prescription only they are most likely a fraudulent website.

It is unbelievable how much money you can quickly save on all your prescription drugs by buying your drugs abroad from a reliable pharmacy like the ones in Canada. All of the prescription drugs we ordered for this trial were at least 50% cheaper including the shipping and handling. Some were upwards of 80 to 90% cheaper. Now one more thing that’s important to note is a lot of these pharmacies in Canada ship with a 90 day supply. So you may just have to go and have your doctor give you a 90 day prescriptions instead of the usual 30 day with refills.

I’ll tell you this much, for any prescription drugs that I need for my family needs on a continuing basis they will all be ordered from Try it for yourself and wait until you see the huge savings for yourself.

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