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NSA spying and how to put a stop to it!

NSA Eavesdropping

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With everything you’ve heard of going on with the NSA and other government agencies (DEA, IRS, FBI, etc.) and the personal communications and data of Americans you need to protect yourself whi9le using the internet. If you don’t think you do, just do a search under NSA, Google and search. Read this article on NSA snooping. Here’s an article and proof that not only are they monitoring the communications of all Americans, but they are also hiding their tracks so you don’t know what they are up to – deceptive monitoring of Americans by IRS.

The NSA has built several huge data centers where they are collecting and holding information on every American. Much of this information comes from your online searches. Google records everything you search for. Just deleting your search history has no effect as Google logs all of your searches attached to your unique IP address. The government then collects this information and can use it however they want. This is why a couple was visited recently by the secret service. The wife was searching for pressure cookers to replace her rice cooker. The husband was at another time searching for a new backpack to go camping with. The NSA datacenters put the two together and they received a visit from the real Men in Black (Secret Service and other federal agents whose job it is to monitor Americans 24×7). Read about it here – Family raided for Google search.

So, it is obvious that our government is collecting all sorts of data on all of its citizens. This is scary. It means you have no privacy and just a simple, innocent search for sneakers or a cooking recipe when combined with a non-related search from months prior can result in a scary or nasty visit from federal agents armed to the teeth and in SWAT style. How can we stop this invasion of our privacy? What can you do to protect yourself? What can be done to stop this madness and never ending information collection of American citizens?

What can be done to protect yourself from government snooping?

First, don’t talk about anything on your cell phone that you don’t want someone else to over hear or see. This also includes sending text messages. A hacker (and definitely the government) can easily intercept and record any phone conversation you are having on your cell phone. here is an article on how a hacker was easily able to listen in on any cell phone – hacker cracks cell phones with homemade cell tower. Text messages, just like cell phone calls, are easily intercepted, collected and then deposited in the NSA’s data banks. It is well known that the NSA actively monitors everyone’s phone transmissions – here’s proof the NSA is monitoring your phone calls..

Be careful of what you say or text on your phone

So, don’t talk about or text anything on your cell phone that you don’t want someone else to intercept. Also, don’t forget about your cordless phones – everybody has them and uses them without thinking about how easy they are to intercept. Regardless of which technology your cordless phone uses they can all easily be intercepted with a few simple tools (like a scanner and descrambler). These tools can easily be bought for just a few hundred dollars on eBay or Don’t think the government doesn’t already have all these tools or that they need a warrant to utilize them against you – they don’t. Read this scary article on US government eavesdropping on its citizens. The government is recording every phone call, text, website search, etc.. – everything you do is being recorded.

So, be careful of what you say over the phone. Also, as a good rule of thumb, don’t email anything you don’t want someone else to see and read. Employers have the right to search and peruse its employees emails and do – read this on employers reading employees emails. Your employer reading your emails is the least of your worries – the NSA is recording all internet transmissions. They can then use this to cross-link you to someone else and who knows where that will go – a nasty or surprise visit from the Men in Black? Who knows?

Be careful of what you you email or post on social sites

So, don’t email anything you don’t want anyone and everyone else to see. Another good idea is to be very wary of what you post on social websites like Facebook and Google+. Employers, potential employers and of course, the US government, routinely peruse and search your social profiles (even if you make them private the NSA can access and everything you have on Facebook and elsewhere and easily). be wary of what you’re posting on your social files and keep in mind whom might actually be looking at or recording what you’re posting.

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Use a good VPN – if you don’t you’re an idiot!

One of the biggest and most recent ways the US government is tracking all of its citizens now is by recording your internet searches and unique IP addresses. Don’t think they’re not doing that because it’s exactly what they’re doing right now and have been doing for years. I have a friend and some family members that worked at the NSA and that is exactly what they were doing 5 years ago and are still doing today. They log all sorts of information and don’t care what you think about it. This is the easiest and simplest violation of your rights to stop. All it takes is to implement a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) and the government can record all they want, but they won’t have the foggiest clue of who it’s coming from. One day your IP address might be out of Kazakhstan, the next Mogadishu or Paris. Do not use the free VPNs – with free you only get one or two access points that everyone else uses and is easily traced back. You need a paid for service VPN which is not going to be very expensive at all (around $10 per month or so).

A good VPN service will completely block the United States government and the NSA from recording your searches and this is very important as it basically gives them the ability to see exactly what you’re thinking, what you like and what makes you tick. Do you really want the NSA to have that information on you in a database? This is why the government is spending billions if not trillions on developing these data centers and monitoring all of its citizens. With your Internet searches they can quickly determine just about everything about you. You can also end up getting visits like the above mentioned couple did for doing nothing wrong but innocently searching for things for your home or for cooking your next meal.

Great, cheap VPN services I highly recommend:

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2) TorrentPrivacy

If you need or would like more information on VPNs, what they are and how they work, read this article:

What is a VPN and how does it work

In conclusion, everyone needs to understand that we have a rogue government here in America that is running rampant with monitoring and recording all of its citizens in violation of the constitution and our Bill of Rights. You need to take measures to minimize their ability to see and record what you do, say, text, search for on the internet, and more. Most importantly, you need to use a good VPN as they can basically read your mind with your search data and label or characterize you. Let them monitor someone else. Don’t become their pawn or victim and take steps to protect your conversations, internet searches and anything you value and don’t want their prying eyes to have. Don’t trust the government with your information – get a good VPN and block them.

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