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NyQuil Review – This helped me sleep and subside my flu symptoms

I had a great experience using NyQuil

I was recently diagnosed with the flu and have been doing what ever I can to help feel better. I went to the doctor and he suggested just some motrin and mucinex. It helped a little but I was looking for something more. I still felt terrible and couldn’t sleep at all.

A friend of mine suggested I try NyQuil. I had never used it before but saw a bunch of commercials for it on television all the time. I was told it will help my sleeping a lot so I would tried anything at this point.

I went to the local drug store to pick up some. When I got there they had a few different forms of it. They had liquid and the capsules. I decided to get the capsules. They weren’t too horribly priced, but at the point I didn’t care. I just wanted something to make me feel better.

I came home and took 2 capsules right away. It was literally no longer than 2 minutes before I was out. I slept from 9 pm all the way to noon the next day and felt so rested. After two nights of using NyQuil before bed I felt significantly better.

After using NyQuil I was also able to return to work. My wife was very happy to hear, as she didn’t need to take care of me anymore. It was pathetic, but NyQuil definitely saved me. I would recommend it to anyone with cold of flu symptoms.

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