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October Google Panda update – this is a pretty serious update going around now and it has really screwed things up!

October Google Panda update - this is a pretty serious update going around now and it has really screwed things up
This recent October Panda search update on Google was pretty serious. I am afraid that there is more at stake this time and the government might be involved in trying to censor certain websites like mine that expose their corruption, lies and murders!

Got a website? Thought you were ranking well with your white hat SEO efforts? Well, guess again. Once again Google is turning the internet upside down. Sites that were ranking well with good quality content and SEO are now ranking terribly in searches. Sites that sucked and ranked lower or were ranking highly because of black hat SEO techniques (ex: Crystal View Chemicals ( – a well known scam is ranking very high now).

So what gives? Is Google broken? What is going on? I am finding that numerous searches are yielding entirely different results. Many of these results are not what I was looking for. And as for my website I only ever use white hat techniques (and rarely even at that). I just add fresh, high quality content and somehow I have lost more then half of my Google traffic.

And the Google traffic I get now mostly consists of misspellings, oddities and other things almost no one ever searches for. I mainly use Google Adsense for my website. Isn’t this a case of Google shooting itself in the foot? Everyone knows that Google Adsense makes up the fattest chunk of Google’s profits.

Was getting rid of Eric Schmidt and putting the company in sole control of Larry Page and Sergey Brin a mistake? Probably. They are nerds and do not know how to run a company. I liked his parting statement or Tweet – the boys didn’t need a paternal figure anymore. That says he was bailing out because he couldn’t put up with having to be a father to Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

I also noticed something else that is scary. I and a friend have a few other websites that we own together. They delve into informing American citizens of what is really going on in this world. Government corruption, etc… These websites feature all high quality content and people love them. Yet they were hit the hardest and when I mean hard I mean a loss of 90% or more of traffic.

Is it possible that this is a part of the governments secret interpretation of the Patriot Act or similar laws that are being misused to keep consumers and citizens in the dark? I know that Larry Page and Sergey Brin have both been in numerous “talks” with the powers in government from the Bilderberg Group to the White House and more. I also know for a fact that the CIA and NSA have been using Google’s search histories as part of their intelligence programs.

Are they shutting down voices like ours where we expose the truth. They don’t want to hear us telling the truth about 9/11, the latest terrorist plot being a lousy setup, Obama’s fake birth certificate and the fact that he was really born in Kenya, the fact that the CIA was behind JFK’s murder, the fact that viral research on Plum Island has taken on scary levels – like modified rabies viruses that can actually create real zombies – yes, that is actually going on on Plum island right now.

We need to stand up for ourselves and our rights. The government is trying to silence us with these Google updates like Panda that actually have more serious implications dictated by the government. I think their needs to be a class action lawsuit to release Google’s algorithms and such so this can be all vetted out. I hate government corruption and I know it has now grabbed control of search results at Google.

The CIA and NSA are in bed with Google and don’t think they aren’t. Their is no faster and better way to monitor the American people. I will keep posting and exposing the truth. I will not list the affected websites here because I do not wish anyone else to have their search traffic halved or worse like happened to me.

The point I am trying to make here is wake up. Americans need to stop paying attention to how big Kim Kardashian’s ass is or her ridiculously extravagant wedding to her stupid looking husband and instead start paying attention to what is really happening. We are in the bellows of a depression – not a recession. The world is teetering on the financial brink of disaster.

Your blind trust of the government has brought this upon us. Stand up for your rights while you still can and while they still exist. If Obama and Hillary have their way only felons, gang members, and the police will have weapons. Don’t fall prey to their lies. The world is going to change like you have never seen or could envision. Don’t let them continue their censorship of the internet! Get the word out and screw Google – I am going to use Bing from now on – too many scams like on Google!

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