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OffBroadway Shoes shoe store review – great place to get great deals on shoes – great selection too!

OffBroadway Shoes shoe store review
I went to OffBroadway shoes in Concord NC and my wife and I got a great deal on two very nice pairs of shoes.

My wife and I were out with the kids and we decided to go to the Concord Mills Mall yesterday.  I couldn’t believe the place was so packed when we got there.  it was like Christmas in April at the Concord Mills Mall.  There was almost no parking spaces to be found anywhere around the mall.  And then we got inside it was wall-to-wall people.  It was unreal – it must be a sign that the economy is improving and people are going back to their old spending habits quickly.

Anyway, so we went to Bass Pro Shops to let the kids see the fish in the big freshwater aquarium that they have in the fishing department.  Then my wife wanted to go into Victoria’s Secret for a few minutes and while she was in there I took the kids to the shoe store across the way – OffBroadway Shoes.  I thought it was funny that the boys actually liked looking at all the different shoes.

But that wore off quickly as they decided to take the shoehorns and try and play charades and swords with them.  but I found some shoes that I liked and then when my wife came in she found a pair of shoes that she liked too.  Her shoes that she tried on and liked were very stylish Eva & Zoe techno shoes which normally sold for $50 and OffBroadway had them on sale for $35.

I ended up looking at the shoes marked down or discounted at the back of the store and out of all the shoes on big discounts they had one pair in my size that was a pretty cool pair of shoes.  They were by Sketchers and were just like the other ones in the store that were on sale for $50 (regular retail was $70 for the pair) but they were missing the box top and the store had them discounted another 30% so they basically only cost $29!  Not bad for a great looking and great fitting pair of shoes.

So, altogether we spent about $69 including NC sales tax for shoes that retail for $120 or so.  That’s a great price and we basically got the shoes for half off.  But it gets better – the lady at the cash register told me that we got $6.48 in Encore rewards.  you get these any time you purchase something from off-Broadway shoes and it’s printed out at the bottom of your original receipt.  The lady told me that these never expire and you can use them whenever you like on your next pair of shoes that you purchase from OffBroadway shoes.

That’s means I saved half on these 2 pairs of shoes plus I get another $6.48 off on my next pair of shoes or purchase from OffBroadway shoes – that is a sweet deal.  They have a far better selection then TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross’s and their prices are quite enticing.  I will definitely be back in the future to buy sneakers and shoes.  Besides I saw a pair of Puma sneakers I liked.  Maybe next time I’ll get those.

I’ve always loved Puma sneakers since I had a pair when I was a kid (my Dad bought me a pair of really neat and comfortable blue suede Puma sneakers when I was 10 years old and I’ll never forget them nor will I forget my Dad – he passed away a few years ago unexpectedly).

If you are looking for a great pair of shoes or sneakers at a great price and even if you have a tough size like me 13M’s are hard to come by in nice looking shoes and sneakers (usually all I can find is weird looking stuff that I would never wear or dare be seen in) then you definitely need to check out OffBroadway Shoes at the Concord Mills Mall in Concord NC.

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