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Office Depot computer pricing review – their prices are okay, but I was able to get far better pricing and deals online!

Office Depot computer pricing review
I went to Office Depot to buy a laptop computer and was met by a pushy geek salesperson - I ended up getting a much better deal through!

I went to my local Office Depot (the one off JW Clay Blvd. here in Charlotte NC) to look at some laptop computers. My current laptop was about 5 years old and was in need of replacement and upgrading. It only has 1 gb of ram memory and has a small 150 gb hard drive. It can barely handle todays software and runs extremely slow and locks up all the time. As you can see I need a new laptop computer badly.

Both I and my wife hate it when the laptop takes 20 minutes to boot up and then it takes several minutes to start a program. Even worse, it locks up on Facebook and Twitter all the time. It takes forever for my wife to upload pictures and video to her Facebook account. And I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating this old laptop computer is getting.

I received a flyer in the mail for my local Office Depot on JW CLay Blvd. (across from the old Wal-Mart and behind the Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant). In the flyer it said all laptop computers were on sale at incredible sale prices for Memorial Day. It showed two laptops with 4 GB of memory and 320 gb hard drives (more than twice what the hard drive in the old laptop is) for $369 to $499.

I thought this was a really good price. So I and my wife went down to the Office Depot where we were instantly met with this very high pressure computer salesperson – I think maybe he gets a bonus for selling us a computer – that is my guess. When we told him we wanted to look around and be left alone he just hovered 2 or 3 steps behind us and made us feel very uncomfortable.

We tried the various computers and I looked up pricing of the same or similar computers on the internet and I found the Lenovo one in the add for $75 cheaper with free shipping through (one of my favorite websites for getting great deals on just about everything – you definitely want to bookmark that site along with this one, – two of my favorite websites out there). I also found the HP one for $125 cheaper.

One online supplier offered a price that was close, but threw in a free Apple iPod touch with headphones and a charger unit. That was a deal I couldn’t turn down. I asked the pushy salesperson if they would match or beat online pricing on the same or similar computers and he said no. Then he tried to tell me that buying off the internet is scary and there is a lot of identity theft out there, plus Office Depot stands behind their products and he was sure that whomever the company was with the lower price through the internet wouldn’t.

I asked him how he could know that and he said he is a computer expert and that he just knows these things and that is why he works at Office Depot and not the company with the lower price – yeah, right. He was working at Office Depot because he didn’t have a 4 year degree and couldn’t find a better job. That’s the real truth.

I ended up buying two laptops, not just 1. I got one for my wife and one for me (she got the Lenovo and I got the HP). We ended up saving about $150 over the supposedly unbeatable prices at Office Depot. Plus I got a free iPod touch. That was a killer deal. If you want a killer deal like the one I got then check out The deals change daily and you never know what you will find on there. Plus there are no pushy computer sales geeks there like there are at Office Depot.

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