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Oklahoma Walgreens photo department complaint – they lost my 4GB Kodak memory card and pictures!

Oklahoma Walgreens photo department complaint
I had a very bad experience with the photo department at the Walgreen's here in Oklahoma City - they threw out my memory card and all my important pictures!

Bad company:

5901 NW 122nd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
(405) 722-1356

AVOID THIS LOCATION (especially their Photo Department) AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

I recently came across a brochure regarding Walgreens Photo Recovery Service and how they could get photos off of even the most damaged memory and photo cards. So I gave them a defective 4GB Kodak brand memory card, with the hope that most of the 60 or so pictures I had taken on it could possible be recovered from it.

The promised time from the staff at the Walgreens photo department was two weeks, and several days after that had passed I still hadn’t received the order. I inquired several times in person and over the phone, to no avail – can you believe that Walgreens treats it’s customers in this way. It was as if they didn’t want to deal with me or were trying to avoid me.

Finally after several more unfruitful calls and visits a store MANAGER called me back and said they found that my order was never shipped out, but accidentally THROWN AWAY!!! I mean, how does a MANAGER or the staff at Walgreens photo department not know the difference between a customer’s photo order and the trash??? It defies belief!

While I would have been disappointed if the order was processed and the photos were not retrievable, I would have at least understood and thanked them for trying. Instead, due to the blatant carelessness of this manager and the Walgreens staff, not only do I not have the photos but I no longer have the memory card either. So I cannot even get my memory card back to give to another company to retrieve the pictures from.

Do not under any circumstances trust this Walgreen’s location here in Oklahoma City with your pictures or photo and memory cards. Don’t trust their photo department for ANYTHING. You might get your memory card and cherished family pictures thrown away like they were garbage. I learned the hard way and they’re never getting a second chance. I will never take my memory cards or pictures to this Walgreens again.

Let me also add that it was indeed the Manager who threw my order in the trash; he admitted it on the phone message and I still have it stored in my cell phone to prove it (apparently it was in a box for UPS and ready to be shipped to the lab but somehow “got mixed in with boxes being taken to the dumpster”).

I also spoke to the Walgreen’s District Manager and gave him an earful as well. They kept asking me what they could do to make it right, but how can you possibly replace something that’s virtually irreplaceable? Rest assured any further attempts by them to regain my trust will fall on deaf ears.

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Walgreens photo department complaint – they lost my 4GB Kodak memory card and pictures!

  1. Walgreens photo department staff has to be about the dumbest group of people I have ever run into. They are always messing things up and losing orders. I stopped going to them because it was just way too frustrating.

  2. Same thing happened to me, but in my case the Walgreens manager told me to go suck it and so I knocked over a few displays upon leaving the store.

  3. Thinking about working for Walgreens here in Jackson, Mississippi
    located on Terry Road in the photo dept? If you are a woman you better think twice. The head photo tech requires a special kind of attention. If this attention is not given to her she will find a way to get you fired. Speaking for myself I don’t do women.

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