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Old Hickory House BBQ restaurant review – It’s smoky in more ways then one!

Old Hickory House BBQ restaurant review and complaint
I found the Old Hickory House BBQ restaurant to be less then desirable and their barbecue to be even worse!

Friends of mine told me that they heard that I was looking for a good barbecue restaurant and that a local magazine had featured Old Hickory House BBQ restaurant and they told me about it. Supposedly this is really good barbecue and it was located about five or 6 miles from my house in north Charlotte North Carolina. So i went to the Old Hickory House and gave it a try.

When I got there I almost drove right past it because it doesn’t really stick out much and looks like a run down store building of which there is a plethora of in that area on N. Tryon St. when I opened the door to go in I didn’t smell barbecue – instead the smell of stale cigarettes overcame me. It was actually terrible the smell.

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I thought they had made smoking indoors illegal in North Carolina at all restaurants and bars. While the cook was smoking a cigarette and ringing someone up on the cash register. Another old lady was smoking at her table while eating right next to the area where they were cooking the pork. It is not a little gross and against the health code?

Anyway I decided to order some food there regardless because it’s supposedly so good that it was featured in a top Charlotte magazine. Sword or some barbecue and some Brunswick stew which they also rated very highly. It took forever to get our food. This place must have the slowest service I have ever seen in a restaurant.

Because of this stink of cigarettes in the restaurant I really couldn’t eat. I thought I could but the smell was really getting to me. So I took the food to go. And their prices aren’t cheap either. They’re one of the most expensive barbecue restaurants I’ve ever seen. So I got the food to go and we ate it when I got home.

The Brunswick stew was very good – I must say, but the barbecue was dried out and not very good. I have had far better barbecue than this. Even Sonny’s real pit barbecue is better then this and I don’t really like Sonny’s Real Pit barbecue. At least Sonny’s is cheaper. From what I remember it’s about half the price of Old Hickory House Barbecue.

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I don’t think I’ll be going back to old Hickory House ever again for barbecue or for anything else. The smell of stale cigarettes, the health code violations, the really bad staff and food (other then the brunswick stew) just make me want to throw up. I can find far better restaurants than this. The Old Hickory House BBQ restaurant is a complete waste of time.

2 thoughts on “Old Hickory House BBQ restaurant review – It’s smoky in more ways then one!

  1. Hickory House sucks. Their BBQ is always overdone and dried out and yes the restaurant smells like smoke from cigarettes really bad.

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