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Old Navy Bait and Switch Complaint – They Advertised $6 Deals In Their Ad Then Changed What It Included In Store!

Last week I had received an email from Old Navy.  The email was the weekly ad and had included weekly deals that were being offered starting this past Saturday.  This past Saturday’s deal was $6 and under for jeans, pants, shorts, and skirts for the whole family.  I was very excited because I needed to buy new shorts for summer.

I checked to see when the deal was and it was only in store this past Saturday.  The store opened at 8a.m., so I decided to head there before I had to go to work at 10am.  When I arrived at Old Navy, there were a lot of exited customers in and entering the store.  As I headed in I was approached by an associate that stated that the deal for the shorts, jeans, pants, and skirts for $6 and under was in the back.

Therefore, I headed right to the back where the deal was and it was not what they stated in the ad.  The deal was on the clearance ONLY!!!  When I got back to the men’s clearance where the deal was, there was about 20 pieces of clothing that ranged in sizes.  There were no clothes in my size at all.  This was definitely not what was advertised at all!!!

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I was extremely pissed off because I had woken up early to shop for this bargain deal and Old Navy lied!  As I looked around the store to see if there was another spot where the deal was, there were many people that were looking around saying “where is the $6 deal?”   It was absolutely ridiculous and the associates just acted like there wasn’t any problem at all.

If you receive an ad in the mail or in your email and there is a deal printed in the ad, then don’t get your hopes up when you arrive.  Old Navy has screwed up and I will be cancelling my Old Nay Credit card.  I won’t be returning to Old Navy to shop because you can’t trust them.  Their advertisements are false and they are always switching things when you arrive.

This was a classic bait and switch example and should be taken very serious.  I wouldn’t put it past Old Navy to have done this to other people in the past.  If this had happened to you, please share your experience and let Old Navy know it!  Old Navy is all about false advertisements!!

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