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Outback Review – Their steak was great. Their service was fantastic

I had a fantastic dinner at Outback

It was new years eve and I was looking for a place to go out to dinner with my girlfriend. We had discussed some different options but came to the conclusion that we wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse.

We didn’t have a reservation, and were a bit worried that we might have to wait a long time to get a table. The parking lot was packed, and we weren’t optimistic about getting a table soon but we went inside to check out the wait anyways.

A hostess greeted us immediately and she rushed to open the door for us, which was nice. There were a few people waiting, but it didn’t appear to be as bad as it looked from outside. I asked for a table for two and she said it would be about a 25 minute wait. This pleasantly surprised me. We took a buzzer and sat down at the bar until our table was ready.

Our buzzer went off in only about 15 minutes, so we didn’t have to wait long at all. We were still only halfway done with our beers. The hostess greeted us with a genuine smile and took us to our table

Our waitress was very friendly too. She brought over of Outback’s signature bread and brought us another round of drinks. We looked over the menu and made our decisions pretty fast. I went with the surf and turf (steak and grilled shrimp) and my girlfriend got the Alice Springs Chicken.

Shortly after our food came out and it was fantastic. The steak was made perfectly. It was so tender I could have cut it with a butter knife. My shrimp were also very good too. They came out hot and fresh. Her meal was just as good too. She couldn’t stop talking about how good it was.

We wanted to get some dessert, but felt too full from our great meal. I look forward to my next trip to Outback. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good meal.

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