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Outback Steakhouse curbside take-away review – my takeout from the Outback restaurant was cold and soggy.

Outback Steakhouse curbside take-away review
My wife and I ordered some food from the Outback Steakhouse curbside take-away and were sorely disappointed.

My wife and I decided to use one of our many gift cards that we received this Christmas to get some takeout food from our local Outback Steakhouse restaurant.  We were overly hungry so we both decided to get a Bloomin’ burger.  the description of this Berger in the Outback curb side menu sounded appealing to both of us.

So my wife called in the order to the Outback Steakhouse restaurant at 1015 Chancellor Park Dr. here in Charlotte, NC.  I drove over there while she was calling in the order because I knew it would take me about 8 to 10 minutes to get there.  They told my wife over the phone that I could just pull up out front and they would bring the food out to me.

There was no parking out front at all.  So I had to park way down below by the Boston market and walk up in the rain.  That wasn’t a big deal.  The one I got in I saw that my food was right there waiting for me and they told me it was.  So they told me the total – it was like a dollar over the gift card, so I gave them the gift card and my credit card to run.

The person working the curbside computer couldn’t figure out how to swipe my credit card and it took several employees and a manager to finally get that done.  Meanwhile it took at least 25 minutes that I had to stand there waiting in the doorway.  This whole time I was sure that my food was getting cold and soggy.

when they were finally able to, with the managers help, ring of my order and charge my credit card, I was so relieved and just wanted to head on out of there.  it felt really awkward waiting for 25 minutes in a tiny little area that their curbside pickup is located in.  I took a shortcut home because I wanted to do my best to make sure that our food wasn’t cold and soggy – something that apparently the staff at Outback steakhouse curbside could care less about.

When I got home I brought the food right inside and gave it to my wife.  we sat down and opened up our containers to eat and low and behold I was right – the bloomin’ burgers were soggy and cold along with the fries and onions.  It was edible, but it certainly wasn’t anything great like I had imagined from Outback Steakhouse restaurant.

The bloomin’ burgers weren’t bloomin’.  Instead they were soggy.  The meat was dried out and the fries were cold and soggy.  This is kind of the meal that I would expect from a Kmart restaurant or from a high school or junior high cafeteria and definitely not what I would expect from a restaurant such as Outback steakhouse.  Come to think of it Hardees for $6 (more than $3 less then the Bloomin’ Burger) has better sirloin burgers and better, faster service.

It will be a long time before I ever go over there and eat or order curbside takeout from this Outback Steakhouse restaurant again.

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