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Palmer Social Club Philadelphia PA nightclub review – banging beats, great music, ugly women, the Philadelphia Eagles and Donovan Mcnabb!

Palmer Social Club Philadelphia PA nightclub review
I went to Palmer Social Club on Saturday and had a pretty good time and even met Donovan McNabb the Eagles quarterback at the bar on the third floor!

I went to a new club the other day that I had previously not visited before here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania – Palmer Social Club. It’s located on Spring Garden street one block over from the Edgar Allen Poe national historic site on 7th street and across the street from PNC Bank.

Palmer Social Club
601 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 627-3508

The place was packed when I was there on Saturday. It was kind of dark inside (they could use some better lighting or maybe they want to hide the ugly girls kind of like strip clubs do – by making it really dark you can’t really tell how ghetto the girls look. It was also hot and sweaty – you could see the condensation on the walls inside.

There are several floors each with its own flair and music. My favorite was the third floor. The bouncer on the third floor is probably the biggest guy I have ever seen. If things got out of hand he could probably pick up two large guys by palming their heads with his huge hands and carrying them outside – the guy was so big I don’t think any football player would even mess with him.

I talked to the bartender in the oval shaped bar on the left and they told me this was a favorite place for the Eagles football players to hang out. And he was right. Just a few minutes later the Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb showed up and sat down by himself to have a drink or two. I sat next to him and he was actually pretty cool. He seemed tired and was just out to have a drink or two and then go home.

He said he was there to meet a few of his football friends. Next thing you know these football groupies came right over and completely ignored me and wedged themselves between Donovan McNabb and I. They were actually quite rude. They wanted all of Mr. Mcnabb’s attention and bad. These two blondes were pretty (way out of my league), but they were on a mission. They clearly wanted to sleep with Donovan.

They point blank, within 5 minutes of talking to Mr. McNabb, asked him if he wanted to have a party back at his house with both of them. Keep in mind these two girls clearly looked leagues better then the rest of the women here (the majority of the women at Palmer’s look fresh out of the projects in the ghetto).

I was surprised when Donovan McNabb actually told the girls he wasn’t interested in their company. He told the girls that they rudely interrupted our conversation and then shooed them away. Either this guy had hot girls like this everywhere he went or he had class. I think it was the later of the two.

Here was a guy that was the star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and he was worth millions of dollars and he was sitting next to me a substitute schoolteacher for the public school system here in Philadelphia. I probably earn about $30,000 a year if I am lucky. Yet Mr. McNabb talk to me like I was his equal. He really was a nice guy.

So, the Palmer Social Club is a little hot and sweaty – especially on the dance floor downstairs. The girls are ghetto and fugly for the most part. The place is jammed with interesting people and you never know who you might run into there. As I found out the Philadelphia Eagles football players are regulars on the third floor and I even ran into Donovan McNabb and had a pretty good time.

One thought on “Palmer Social Club Philadelphia PA nightclub review – banging beats, great music, ugly women, the Philadelphia Eagles and Donovan Mcnabb!

  1. That place is fly man. Chicks be like hangin from the ceilings man and der be drugs and such everywere. Prices for an 8ball are a little steep, but its right there and you can buy from the bartenders downstairs.

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