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Panda Kitchen and bath review – low prices on granite counter tops or a scam?

Panda Kitchen Bath review

Panda Kitchen Bath review

My wife and I were thinking of getting new granite counter tops for our kitchen. We had been looking around for a while and found prices everywhere from $40 on up to $60 a square-foot for what we wanted. The basic coloration of granite we wanted is called uba tuba which is a nice dark black and green granite that’s really pretty.

There are other colors and pattern choices that can be cheaper or more expensive. But we had priced around quite a bit and then we found this ad for Panda kitchen and bath outlet. The ad showed uba tuba for $29.95 per sqft. That’s a big difference and from the nice pictures they had in the add we decided to go to the local showroom.

At the local charm we were looking around for quite some time waiting to talk to a sales person or manager to see how much it would cost for our house and what was involved. We ended up having to wait about two hours to finally see someone. They then took down her information and set us up for a time to have someone come for house and measure the area it was going to be put in and give us a price.

And remember in the store it was the same as in the advertisement for Panda that we saw – the uba tuba granite was clearly marked at $29.95 per square foot and it said it included all installation costs. So two weeks later this young man comes over and is not very talkative at all. He took some measurements and then left. We were not quoted a price or anything.

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I had to call the store back and they told me to call back a few days later and they would have the price quote for me. Now remember I was told and the advertisement also stated along with the show room prices that the uba tuba would be $29.95 per square foot. But when you know when I finally got a price quote it broke down to basically a little over $55 per Sq. foot.

Now I don’t know how they think they can get away with charging me twice what the show room price is but they sure did try.  I told them that that was unacceptable and that I would agree to the $29.95 quoted in the ad and in their showroom.  They then try to tell me that the price I saw did not include installation.  I told him I was holding the ad rate there says it includes installation.  Their response was that they could not sell it for less than they quoted me.

Can we say unfair and deceptive business practices?  This is clearly a bait and switch sales technique or similar type of scam here.  They will read and with a price that they’re not willing to give you and it’s clearly labeled everywhere both in their showroom and in all their current advertisements.  I have several other advertisements from several magazines and they all have the same exact advertisement in them with the exact same $29.95 per square foot price.

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I was livid and hung up the phone on them.  I ended up going through Home Depot and had the uba tuba installed for $39 per Sq. foot.  A few weeks later I was in the neighborhood of the Panda kitchen and bath factory outlet store and went into the showroom.  They still had the exact same price for the uba tuba granite posted in the showroom.  So when they came to ask me if they could help me I said no because I was going to buy it at that price but they tried to bump me up to over $55 per square foot for the same granite.

So I told him I would use the Home Depot and that I was disgusted with them.  When I told them that I paid $39 per Sq. foot at Home Depot they told me that I overpaid by 10 Dollars per Sq. foot – these people are absolute morons, idiots and scam artists.  Do not go to Panda kitchen and bath they will only try to rip you off and then the lie to you and they can’t even keep their lies straight.  It was a terrible experience and I advise that no one go there – ever!

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