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Panera Bread restaurant review – they make an awesome artichoke turkey sandwich!

Panera Bread restaurant review
I went to Panera Bread and got great service and a great sandwich!

Decided to stop by my local Panera Bread restaurant and pick up some hot sandwiches for the family for dinner tonight. I had eaten there several times in the past and always loved their hot sandwiches. I haven’t been there in probably over a year because I’ve just been busy. But the other day I saw a picture of a tasty looking toasted sandwich in a cooking magazine that looked like the ones at Panera Bread so I had an itching to go back.

My wife and I both decided to get our favorite sandwich from there – the hot turkey and artichoke sandwich. Now, the Panera bread restaurant is a little far from my house and takes me about 15 minutes to get there and then get back. But I’ve always loved her sandwiches and it’s well worth the trip.

They also have really nice employees and I like the atmosphere there also. And unlike some restaurants their wait time is not very long at all and they make the sandwiches fresh for you. They don’t have them preprepared waiting for you. I like that a lot.

Panera Bread is a lot like Jason’s deli, except the lines are usually much shorter at Panera Bread and I like their sandwiches better. At Panera bread you just grab a menu and tell the cashier what you want, pay for it and the kitchen staff will make it right then and there for you.

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They give you this cool looking pager, which my kids all love because it lights up with red LED’s and vibrates when your food is ready. While waiting for your food, which usually isn’t much of a wait at all, you can look at the day’s local (Charlotte Observer)or national (USA Today) newspaper. Then when your order is ready all you do is go down to the kitchen area and pick it up.

It’s always interesting to see local business people talking business, striking up deals, networking and more there. The Panera Bread restaurant I visited was the one by UNCC. It has a very pleasant atmosphere, nice employees and great sandwiches! If you’re hungry and wants something great for lunch that beats out any of the local fast food places then you definitely need to try the hot turkey and artichoke sandwich at Panera Bread! I’d definitely give it two thumbs up!

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