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Papa Johns pepperoni pizza review – their pizza is far better then Domino’s.

Papa Johns pepperoni pizza review
I ordered two pepperoni pizzas from Papa John's for my family and we were very pleased with both the pizzas and the great service at the store.

I and the family were hungry for some good pizza today.  My wife told me that we had some coupons that came in the mail for Domino’s and Papa John’s.  I immediately told her no Domino’s pizza because that’s just crappy pizza.  She agreed with me and so we decided to get Papa John’s pizza and we ordered it from their location in North Charlotte by the university (UNCC).  the coupon we had was a buy one get one free for a one topping pizza.

Papa John’s Pizza
9327 J.W. Clay Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 503-5032

So we decided to order a large Papa John’s pepperoni pizza.  They said it would be ready for pickup in 15 minutes. The price for both pizzas came to something like $13. It only takes me like five minutes to drive over to where the Papa John’s is located so I don’t mind the drive. When I got there I had a hard time finding a parking spot, but that’s probably because there’s a Panera Bread located a hundred feet away and a Honey Baked Ham store next door.

Needless to say the parking lot was pretty full. I did find a parking spot, however, right out front as someone else happened to be leaving as I got there – very convenient for me. when I got inside of Papa John’s staff was very nice to me and this younger girl asked me if I wanted to place an order or if I was there to pick up an order.

I told her my last name and that I had just ordered the buy one get one free pepperoni pizzas and so I had two to pick up. They were ready and waiting for me and all I had to do was give the girl my credit card and it was quick and easy. Everyone I saw at the store seemed very pleasant and easy to deal with.

This is the complete opposite of what I dealt with with a Domino’s pizza store a week ago. that store was a nightmare. They took over 50 minutes to get my pizzas done and they were rude and mean. That was at the Domino’s Pizza off of Harris Blvd – I heavily recommend that you avoid that place. Besides Domino’s pizza absolutely sucks.

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Anyway, So I got the pizzas from Papa John’s Pizza home and everyone loved them. My middle son actually said that pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s is his favorite food in the world (he sometimes calls it Pepper John’s, but we know what he means). Within half an hour both pizzas were completely gone and no one was complaining about the quality of the pizza like they did with Domino’s Pizza last week.

The pizzas were loaded with pepperoni and plenty of cheese and very tasty. They weren’t short on ingredients like Domino’s crap pizza usually is. I highly recommend Papa John’s and especially this location right near the university here in northeast Charlotte North Carolina.

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