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Papa Johns pizza Brooklyn NY review and complaint – they take advantage of special needs people!

Papa Johns pizza Brooklyn NY review and complaint
My two autistic sons were treated badly and taken advantage of by a Papa Johns employee!

MY sons who are Autistic wanted some pizza from the nearby Papa Johns store. So they went to the store to buy one large pizza. They had to wait in line for a little bit which is fine, but then they were mistreated by some of the staff at this pizza restaurant. They were told what they could have – not asked what they wanted.

I think that is both very rude and condescending. How would you like to go to a pizza restaurant like Papa Johns and be told what you could have? And then be talked down to? I would be livid! Then to make it worse, my two sons are both diagnosed with autism. I don’t think this was right on the part of Papa Johns at all!

Shajja, that was the employees name, (at on or around 5:47 pm) of Papa Johns on 4th Avenue and Baltic in Brooklyn New York convinced my son that he could only get a medium pizza for the price of a large. On top of that he/she did not give them the special of buy one get another large pizza pie free.

I think they were trying to take advantage of my sons and pocket the rest of the money. Why? I have no idea. Maybe greed. Whatever the reason, why on earth would you try and take advantage of two autistic people. Would they have done this to two people with downs syndrome or some similar mental special needs persons? That’s just plain wrong.

When I noticed the error that had occured, I went back to the store and spoke to Shajja over the phone and he/she said it is none of his/her business that my sons have a disability. And that it was my problem for having two mentally retarded sons – how rude! On top of stealing my sons money by not giving them what they paid for he/she is not sensitive to the needs of so many children in the community.

This was terrible treatment and just plain horrible. This Papa Johns employee ripped off my autistic children because they could. They were very curt and rude. Can someone do something about this? Should I report it to Mayor Bloomberg’s office? Any advice on this would be appreciated.


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