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Papa John’s Pizza Louisville Kentucky review – this place has good pizza but rude order takers.

Papa John's Pizza Louisville Kentucky review
I and my roommates here at the University got the rudest treatment over the phone by the order taker at the Papa John's store on Shelbyville Rd.

I go to school at the nearby University of Louisville and I was hungry after studying for some tests and I and my roommates decided to order some Papa John’s for pick up. We didn’t want it delivered because I was going to stop by a nearby place and pick up some beer on the way back. We weren’t 21 yet, but I knew the owner and he sells me beer all the time.

So, I called the guys at Papa John’s and I got this really rude order taker on the phone. When I told him I wanted to order the college discount he told me they don’t give discounts to college students in a rude and rough voice. I explained to him that I always order pizzas from this exact Papa John’s store and get the same college discount every time (a $7 large pizza with one topping on it – I always get pepperoni).

Papa John’s Pizza
4123 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 896-9999

So, I told him I even have the coupon where it specifically said that store on Shelbyville Road here in Louisville Kentucky and that college students from the University of Louisville in Kentucky can always get that discount with their college ID. He called me a punk and then laughed.

I asked to speak to the manager and he said he was the manager and that I was a stuck up, snot nosed college punk. I could not believe my ears. I asked him why he was being so difficult and rude and he told me to get lost in not so nice terms and then hung up on me – can you believe that? I actually got hung up on by the rudest Papa John’s employee out there.

I was only trying to call in to order 2 pizzas. We always get the college student discount and I am a college student here at the University of Louisville so I definitely qualify. I always call for a order for pick up and then I am there in 10 minutes or so to pick it up and pay for it. I am a good paying customer and yet I get treated like a pile of crap by this order taker at Papa John’s.

I told this to my roommates and they told me to call him back so we could record this rude employee and put the conversation and his rude behavior on You Tube. I said I was tired from studying and just wasn’t in the mood – lucky for that order taker and his Papa John’s restaurant. Next time I will definitely do that. For now, posting my complaint on ScreamingReviews will suffice.

I will not tolerate bad service and no one have to tolerate rude treatment like I received at the Papa John’s Pizza store on Shelbyville Rd. here in Louisville Kentucky. That is just wrong. I ended up getting Chinese food instead. This was far better then Papa John’s and the price was not much more. Besides, the guy at the Chinese restaurant was very nice.

Avoid the Papa John’s pizza restaurant here in Louisville. The order taker is an asshole. I might just go and send a letter along with a copy of this complaint to Papa John’s corporate headquarters addressed to their CEO Jude Thompson and founder/chairman John Schnatter.

Papa John’s Pizza – Corporate Office
2002 Papa Johns Boulevard
Louisville KY 40299

Maybe that will fix this absurdly rude case of horrible customer service that happened at a Papa John’s restaurant in the hometown of Papa John’s corporate headquarters.

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