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Papa Johns pizza review – you just have to try their new double bacon six cheese pizza!

Papa Johns pizza review
I got two pizzas from Papa Johns and let me tell you - the double bacon six cheese pizza is simply amazing!

My kids wanted to get some pizza the other day and they specifically asked for Papa John’s brand pizza. They really like Papa John’s pizza. My son told me he went to the Papa John’s pizza website ( and saw two new pizzas that he wanted to try – the double bacon six cheese and the Tuscan six cheese pizza.

So I called up the nearby Papa John’s pizza in order to large pizzas. I ordered one double bacon six cheese pizza in one Tuscan six cheese pizza. Rather than have it delivered I usually don’t pick it up because the Target superstore is right near Papa John’s and I can usually swing by and pick up some groceries like juice and milk on the way.

So I got the two pizzas from Papa John’s and brought them home. I didn’t know this but I probably should’ve picked up two more – as soon as I put them on the counter in the kitchen the pizzas were quickly devoured. I was lucky enough to be able to have one slice of each pizza for my kids completely devoured them.

I must say both pizzas were very good. The Tuscan six cheese pizza tasted a lot like the margarita pizza that you can buy in the frozen food section at our Trader Joe’s. That’s not to say that it wasn’t good I thought it was a good pizza. But the double bacon six cheese pizza really stood out. That was just awesome.

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There are only a few pizzas that I have had that are as good as the double bacon pizza from Papa John’s. Most of those pizzas are from Italian restaurants that mke pizza rom scratch. So that is a pretty elite group. I definitely have to say that the double bacon six cheese pizza is the best pizza I’ve had from Papa John’s.

I would definitely recommend either of these two pizzas are next family get-together or football game. But I would definitely 100% recommend the double bacon six cheese pizza. That is something you just have to try and see for yourself. It is awesome.


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